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September 24th 2007
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Bored of my blogs yet? hehe

On monday I went to little Rebecca's school with her and her mum, Zunni, because she invited me. It was their last day of term and a their certificate giving day. It was soooooo cute. They did like little performances, one girl read some poetry she'd written which was really good actually! Another girl did a dance, which was soooo cute, and then some other kids did a little play about the seasons where one girl had the most amazing butterfly costume on, I wanted the wings from it. So that was really nice, and it was really nice spending time with Zunni, as she's really lovely and so patient with me and tries so hard to help me speak spanish, she's awesome.

The rest of the week was much the same as the first 2, I essentially just spend all week playing with kids. It's great. I can't believe I've been here 3 weeks! That's so crazy. That's nearly a month. Yikes! I still don't really feel settled or at home, but I guess that just takes time. It doesn't help that I still have absolutely no idea where everything is in the city. If I left the house on my own I don't doubt that I would still get horrifically lost.

On Saturday I went to El Puente again, which is the youth club type thing. They had these two teachers come to run the session, it was fun, but clearly meant for young kids. The games were still fun, but some of the songs with actions everyone was just kind of like 'Er, right...' Then we all ate dinner together, which was really nice and I got to chat to some people more my age and stuff. Although I still feel bad that I don't understand everything that they say to me. Half the night they just spent chanting 'foto foto foto foto!' which I didn't realise at the time is from an advert here. Also Claire's friend Rebecca arrived, and is staying untill tomorrow. They lived together in the capital a few years ago.

On sunday morning I had to get up stupidly early because the whole church was going on a day trip and leaving at 7am. We went to a church in the Chaco which was having an ordination service. The bus was hilarious, its version of air conditioning was the fact that it was missing most of it's window panes... There's no such thing as sefety here. haha The bus journey was about 2 and half hours long, which I inevitably slept for most of. The rest of the journey was spent looking out the window because there is some beautiful wildlife in the Chaco. I saw loads of different types of birds. It was very pretty. It was deliciously cold all day sunday. I wore a hoodie. A hoodie, I tells ya! The service was reeeeeally long and quite a few people left half way through, which was a bit rude I thought. After the service we all had Asado, which is kinda like a BBQ but is more like a dead animal on a stick cooked over a fire... It was good. While we were there I got the impression that Roque might fancy me... He was staring at me a lot and kept like touching me on the arm or hugging me for no real reason... Oh dear. Hopefully he's just being friendly... Seeing as I much prefer his brother, Ariel. haha Then on the journey back Lorena took my camera and took photos of everyone who had fallen asleep. Glad to see that some things are funny in every culture. Then in the evening we watched Love Actually and Friends in black and white, as the TV wasn't so good.

Today is our 'day off'. So this morning we had to wait for some guys to come and install air conditioning in Claire's room. While they were doing it we were sat in the kitchen chatting and somehow ended up talking about the Pee-Mate which was hilarious, yet disturbing at the same time. Then we went for a walk by the river. And later we're going to go out for dinner. So all in all a rather lovely weekend.


25th September 2007

Female Freedom?
What heracy is this?
25th September 2007

not bored yet, but you could spice it up a bit to avoid boredom, for example: Today I went to SPACE, when we came back to Paraguay I had to defend the kids from Cocaine Bandits using only my sparkling wit and the power of God (who now lets me shoot fire from my eyes!) and we had caviar and escargots for tea. Some of this is true. Actually, none of it is.

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