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South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este December 29th 2008

A very blessed and merry Christmas to all of you from Villeta, Paraguay. After what has seemed like weeks of almost triple digit temperatures, I am enjoying a coolish day of 77 oF as I write this post (it is supposed to get up to about 90 oF later, but that’s really nothing). It is rather different for me as I have spent 21 of my first 22 Christmases in cold weather climates with snow, the exception being the Christmas I spent in South Africa. I never thought I would say this and all of you dealing with northern hemisphere winter right now are probably going to hate me for this, but I actually kind of miss traditional winter and cold weather. I am going to go about a year and a half between real winters, ... read more
500 Pan Dulces
Kids arriving for their gifts
Kids lined up for their gifts

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este December 10th 2008

am nachmittag gingen wir dann nach paraguay (cuidad del este) wo man billig elektronikzeugs kaufen koennte, wenn man nicht in der siesta dort waere. zudem sassen wir den ganzen nachmittag in einem restaurant fest weil es gestuermt hat als ginge die welt unter. Aber bei einem bierchen liess es sich aushalten .... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este August 3rd 2008

The next morning we say goodbye to Evelina and Foz and take a taxi to the Paraguay border (R$40). The driver sees us through border control and helps us exchange our money from Realis to Paraguayan Guaranis. Suddenly we are confronted with 100,000 notes and calculations become very confused. Ciudad del Este is a haven for cheap electrical goods but we have no time to stop as we must get a coach to the capital Asuncion. Despite a barrage of ticket sellers when we arrive at the station we head to the recommended company (RYSA) and buy our tickets for the next bus (G81,000). Because of the time difference we are leavijng an hour earlier than expect and reach Asuncion just after midday.... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este May 29th 2008

Cuidad del Este was a pretty god damn horrible place. Supposedly Lonely Planet describes it as the worst town in South America (we learnt of this after we went there), and we can completely see why. Under the former dictator, President Stroessener, the city (then Cuidad del Stroessener) became a centre for piracy and contraband, being perfectly situated for both since it is on the border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. It felt like the most unsafe place that we've been to so far! Imagine an Oxfam shop, but over several square miles and with a really rough edge to it (no voulenteering old ladies in sight). We don't actually have any pictures of CdE, because we were too worried about flashing our camera about. As you can imagine, we got into this place and wanted ... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este April 4th 2008

How often do you end up in the wrong country?? This is the question that we were asking ourselves as we sat on the foopath in some kind of industrial estate in Cuidad del Este in Paraguay.... We weren´t meant to be here, we didn´t want to be here, we were supposed to be in Brasil...... Now before you all started painiking we actually weren´t that far away from Brasil, probably no more than a kilometre or two... but this was certainly something we hadn´t expected!! The bus trip from Bonito to Foz do Iguacu had been long, delayed but pretty comfortable (by bus trip standards) and so aqfter starting a 2:30pm on Thursday we were very happy to arrive in Foz do Iguacu at 12pm on Friday. It was just a short bus ride into ... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este December 15th 2007

I don't like to travel in a hurry. I like to enjoy the place I'm visiting, feel the atmosphere, do some sightseeing, eat the local food, have a chat with the locals... But this time I coudn't do it. It was a short trip to a place with lots to see, so I knew I'd not sleep much and would have to watch the clock in order to see as much as possible. When I told my friends I was heading to Ciudad del Este to take a quick look, they all tried to convince me not to go. "It's dodgy, dirty, crowded, you'll get mugged" were some of the comments. But I'm very curious and like to see it all. And since we were so close to the border, we decided to cross it just ... read more
Ponte da Amizade - Friendship Bridge

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este May 16th 2007

La patate ce matin, je dois me faire les chutes côté argentin et visiter la ville frontalière de Puerto Iguaçu, je suis ravi. Problème... il fait super gris. Je prends mon ti-déj seul dans la salle, il n'y a pas d'autres pensionnaires en ce moment. Merde, il flotte et franchement en plus ! Je suis déçu, il va falloir que je modifie mes plans, j'irai aujourd'hui à Ciudad del Este et a Itaipu. La nana de la pousada m'explique où prendre mon bus et me file les dernières recommandations : rien dans les poches (pas mal de pickpockets dans ce bus, ils savent que les gens ont du fric sur eux pour faire de gros achats à Ciudad)... Après 50mn de trajet pour 5km, le bus me pose de l'autre côté du pont de l'amitié qui ... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este February 26th 2007

i know this blog is really out of date but i{ll do my best to catch up! so, we actually walked into paraguay across the friendship bridge from brazil into paraguay, you{d imagine it was a little rope bridge across a jungle or something (or maybe thats just me being silly¿¿), anyway it wasn{t and the border town, ciudad del este didnt look all that enticing. so we trekked across the bridge with our excessively large backpack in about 40degrees of midday heat and arrived on the other side at the customs office v.v.v.sweaty! i handed over my passport first and the guy looked quite confused (by a british passport¿¿) and had to take the suspicious looking pport to his boss and for a moment i did think i wasnt going to be allowed in!anyway, after ... read more

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este January 23rd 2007

day credit card has still not arrived... i am begining to feel like i am stuck in an episode of survivor living off dodgey hostel food. anyways...the most corrupt city in South America... i have not seen too much corruption in south america although i would have to agree that this place must have it´s fair share. i decided to get out and do a bit more travel and not let the hinderance of having no accessable funds get me down. As with all australians, canadians and USA-íans we need a visa to enter paraguay...this visa cost 40 dollars US and for 1 day i hardly thought it was worth it. travelling with another fellow from the USA we set off for the contraband capital of south america Ciudad del Este! as my fellow traveller ... read more
crossing the boarder
ciudad del este
the girls by the pool

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este January 11th 2007

Foz de Iguazu sijaitsee Brasilian, Paraguayn ja Argentiinan rajalla. Tänne saavuttiin aamusella, joten hotellin löytymisen jälkeen hypättiin bussiin ja matkustettiin Ciudad del Esteen Paraguayn puolelle. Kaupunki on tunnettu Etelä-Amerikan suurimpana shoppailupaikkana ja brasilialaiset ja argentiinalaiset tuppaavat itsekin käydä siellä ostoksilla. Paikka taitaa myös olla tunnettu rahanpesusta ja salakuljetuksista. Brasilian ja Paraguayn rajalla ei tarvinnut (tai me ei ainakaan) pysähtyä näyttämään passia vaan sen kuin vain meni bussilla vain yli. Shoppailukojut ja ns. tavaratalot löytyivät heti kätevästi tullin jälkeen, joten ei tarvinnut pitkälle kävellä. Elektroniikkaa oli rutkasti. Vahvasti edustettuina olivat erityisesti kamerat, puhelimet ja kaiken näköiset dvd-laitteet. Sieltä löytyi myös soittimia, vahvareita, tölsyjä, kalastusvälineitä, autojen ... read more

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