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July 26th 2007
Published: August 5th 2007
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Hi! I actually got a computer today during our short school break, so I get to update all of you. This week, we have classes for 4 hours a day (all in Spanish) and up to 3 hours of homework a night. Can you believe it, my students? Yestday I had a test, and I have one again on Monday. Then next week we have 2 oral final exams and 2 written final exams. I have been able to have entire conversations with locals--ordering food, buying things, explaining things to the doctor, etc., which is incredibly exciting!

This past Sunday, when we saw the Jesuit ruins at Jesus y Trinidad, I had one of the most surreal and spiitual experiences of my life. I can not wait to put pictures on here, though I know that my photos will not do justice to the places.

Si, yo estoy infirma otro vez (I am sick again). BUT, I am not as sick as I was last time, and I am getting better each day. Please do not worry.

This week we have started school and diplomatic visits. Today, we are going to the US Embassy for a tour!

Oh, my teacher is calling me. More later. Hope you are well!


26th July 2007

Oh my
Oh my gosh Ms. Koski; are you catching something? You're sick again? >_< Hope you get better. What is exactly an embassy? Isn't it something to do with the locals? (making a poor guess -_- ) Yes, Buenos Aires is very pretty. You'll like it a lot- and that must stink to have that much home work. Wow...all in Spanish? You still know how to talk in English too right? And my last message never got to you- but if you had this chance again- except to a different country- would you do it again? And where? Get better Ms. Koski and have a safe trip back!
28th July 2007

Buenos Aires sounds like it'll be amazing! I'm really excited for next year. I can't even believe that you could become almost fluent in Spanish in less time than imaginable! Well.. Keep having fun!
31st July 2007

Hey Miss Koski! You sound like you're having sooo much fun! I'm having a great summer despite the fact that I might have sprained my wrist. It's making it very hard to type. Have fun in Buenos Aires!!!

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