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January 6th 2014
Published: October 1st 2017
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We had another early morning: breakfast at 6am, then we packed up and climbed into the truck for the drive to Atta Rainforest Lodge. The road we took is main link to Brazil, and, as our guides pointed out, it is not a good road. While I've been on worse, it is all red dirt, full of huge pot holes, rutted, and washboardy. We hoped to see a jaguar, as they like to walk on the road in the early morning after a rain – our current conditions – but no kitty, not even a paw print. We did see a lot of agouti (a large rodent) and a deer, which quickly disappeared into the forest.

Arriving Atta rainforest lodge, we were greeted by our hosts and offered juice and coffee. After a brief rest, we took a forest hike. It rained had during our hike, but Vanessa, our host, had sent some umbrellas after us, so were able to stay dry. On the hike, we didn't see much wildlife, but we were lucky to spot a white-headed monkey, which our guide, John, said are rare. We saw some interesting plants, including the monkey pot pod – a seed pod that looks like a small jar, complete with lid. The lid falls off when the seed is ready to sprout.

We chilled until lunch time, then, almost immediately after lunch, we went out for another walk – this time, out a small pathway, then back the road. Kyla had a serious low and had to sit on a dirt hill for a while, and then the rains came (again). She was okay, and we walked back. No sign of a jaguar, not even pawprints.

More rest until 4pm, then we went to the canopy for sunset. It rained again most of the time, but we did get a stunning sunset. We saw a macaw, right above us, which stared down like the Grinch and made growling/purring sounds. And squawked. We also saw, in the great distance, a toucan, perfectly silhouetted against the orange sky. Very cool. It was almost dark when we returned to the lodge.

We had dinner then read for the rest of the evening.

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