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February 8th 2009
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Today we visited Devil's Island, well actually it was Isle Royale, tourists aren't allowed on actual Devil's Island still. Isle Royal once served the headquarters for the prison on Devils island which was opened by Napoleon III and became a horrific place of exile. I guess somewhere around 80,000 prisoners were sent there but only 30,000 ever made it out alive. Although it was cool to see some of the old prison facilities, the highlight of the island for me was the wild life!!! We saw agoutis, and lots of monkeys!!!

I had a pear in my bag that I was eating and the monkeys came down out of the trees, I heald it out and was a little timid at first, and keept dropping the pear, but the I saw how gentil they were! So of course we went back to the ship and got a bunch more fruit and spent the rest of the day with the monkeys! It was awesome!!!

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Monkey's go banana's for banana's!Monkey's go banana's for banana's!
Monkey's go banana's for banana's!

the monkeys started jumping all over me as soon as I pulled out the banana, this little guy was a little forward!
So Cute!!So Cute!!
So Cute!!

their liked the pears to but no enough to climb all over me

15th July 2009

I met a former convict
I visited there in 1980. At that time there were several former convicts who were living in St.Laurant.. They had refused to return to France when the penal colony was disbanded. His name was Henri Cite. I also have corresndence with Alexander Miles, the author who is currently living in Cayenne and who has written a lot about the penal colony and who has done a special for the history channel.
6th October 2009

Devil's Island
I went to Devils Island last November with my family! It is such a beautiful place!
25th March 2011


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