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December 29th 2013
Published: January 5th 2014
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Hello everybody... So, I got on a ship, the Sea Spirit! I have a contract with an expedition company to go on several Antarctic voyages... I will talk more about my roll in later blogs but first I'll introduce my first taste of the South Atlantic... The MV Sea Spirit cruised out of the Port of Ushuaia, through the Beagle Channel and into the open waters of the South Atlantic Ocean followed by... Read Full Entry

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Rock hoppersRock hoppers
Rock hoppers

Saunder's Island
The Sea SpiritThe Sea Spirit
The Sea Spirit

In Stanley

5th January 2014

The Birds and Falklands
Cool blog - thanks for sharing Dave. I particularly like the picture of the King Penguin (?) chic (so cute) and the whale skeleton (how cool). But what's monster crunch? That's ok, I'll Google it. lol Have fun, Happy New Year. Oh BTW, Santa stopped by, he knew you were away so he came here instead. xo PS
5th January 2014

Ref. above reminded me of a quiz night I NATO years ago with Tom and Lindsay and Lynda and Seamus. They are keen quiz types, I was only there for the lager. Anyway the question came up about where was the land of fire. They conferred and drew a blank but somewhere out of the dusty recesses of my brain I dragged out the answer! I felt like a superhero, lol x just thought I\\\\\\\'d share that with you. Hello, hello! Have you fallen asleep......
7th January 2014

What a fabulous adventure!
Congratulations on the new job. How wonderful. I worked in Antarctica for 5 months back in 89. It was fantastic. Looking forward to reading more. Your photos bring back some great memories. Your visit to the Victory Inn sounds priceless. A perfect day.
8th January 2014

We enjoyed reading this one Dave; quirky Brits and impatient scampi! Great pics. Take out there. Sherry and Jim
8th January 2014

What can i say other than lucky.

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