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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos March 11th 2020

We flew from Guyaquil. The hostel manager sowed a seed of doubt by reporting that all flights to Galapagos had been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Fortunately this was not the case and we flew the following morning. The holiday lifestyle took a sudden lurch to the luxurious. We shared a boat with 11 others for an 8 day cruise with our own guide. SOOOO swanky! The accommodation was as alien as the wildlife. It seemed weird not to be booking our next hostel, plotting our bus route or researching where the bus stopped. We were confronted at every turn with delicious food. Daily routine was snorkel from the zodiacs (pangas) and a walk twice a day.... oh, and a bit of kayaking. Returning from snorkelling we were met with hot towels and nice nibbles ... read more
Pelicans hoping for scraps at the fish market- there was a sealion under the counter but you can't quite see him!
Our favourite new swimming buddy
Frigate birds...The male at the bottom trying to impress the lady with his red inflation. ..

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 7th 2020

I really enjoyed visiting Ecuador and Galapos Island! This was the best trip I took in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic! This was great because I got to explore different parts of Ecuador within the capital. I got to visit the Capital of Ecuador! However, I almost got stuck in Ecuador because the pandemic strike South American on March 14th,2020. That almost got me scared because I almost didn't have enough cash or money to come back. I was flying to Colombia on my way back home luckily. But I got to try out some authentic foods and explored the Culture of Ecuador. I got to explore Virgin of the Americas when I visited Quito, Ecuador! I remembered the place I stayed as well as I could see the Historic place of Ecuador! My dream ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos March 5th 2020

14 fevrier, jour de la Saint Valentin ;) nous prenons l'avion à Guayaquil pour l'île de Baltra, où nous attend le catamaran de croisière TIP TOP II, nous sommes pris en charge à l'aéroport par 2 guides, Angelica, germanophone (12 personnes/16 du groupe sont allemands), et Eduardo, hispano/anglophone "appelez moi Edu, comme education, ça permet de s'en rappeler lol" Dès le premier jour, on s'en prend plein les yeux, petite virée à l'île de Mosquera, des otaries partout, des mamans allaitant leurs bébés, des mâles aboyant fort pour montrer leur territoire et leur pouvoir (comme d'hab), des iguanes marins, un squelette de baleine... on a oublié notre appareil photo sur le bateau et on s'en mord les doigts, mais bon, otaries et iguanes deviendront au fil des jours d'une banalité telle que plein d'autres occasions photos ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre March 3rd 2020

Un mot sur les bus avant de continuer de vous raconter nos aventures (ça va se corser!), on a BEAUCOUP pris le bus en Equateur, les distances sont longues et c'est le moyen de transport privilégié. Les terminaux dits terrestres sont bien organisés, ressemblent à des aéroports avec plein d'agences qui proposent chacune une destination différente en les criant a tue-tête, souvent même en les chantant. Dans les bus, c'est vraiment tout confort, sièges réclinables, clim et films à longueur de trajet sur écran géant, souvent du Bollywood doublé en Espagnol (pur bonheur), ou des monstres marins et autres films d'action américains de 10e catégorie! Apres la jungle donc, et une journée de repos/lessive bien méritée à Quito, nous prenons donc le bus pour le Cotopaxi, un volcan qui culmine a 5897m, 1m de plus que ... read more

South America » Ecuador March 1st 2020

Geo: -1.66702, -83.5977... read more

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca March 1st 2020

I am certainly not going to buy a Panama Hat while in Cuenca, the home of the famous and wrongly attributed headgear. They are indeed lovely and we have been to the Panama Hat museum as well as the famous Hortega y Hijos shop where the best quality hats are sold for $5000 which isn't worth translating into pounds, it's just A LOT. Apparently, the hats were worn by the workers who were constructing the Panama Canal and the hat was then christened Panama Hat when actually it should be called a MonteChristi hat which is a small town near Cuenca. It takes one person 2 years to weave one of the top quality ones so it certainly does not need to be squashed into my rucksack for a month and we are told that it ... read more
At the Jazz Cafe Society of Ecuador....who does this remind you of, Paul Sheppard?
The worst bit of the "most terrifying walk"
Himself, recovering from the terrifying's a hard life..

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Baños February 28th 2020

First things first, the food. I tend to remember people and places by the nosh I consumed at the time, so here’s some of my Ecuadorian experiences; We like to venture into the gastronomic unknown. Sometimes one gets a semblance of what a menu item contains or how it might taste. In the case of Humida there were many unknowns on both fronts so I gave it a go, mistakenly as it turned out. Humida is like the steamed jam rolypoly you might remember from school, but without the jam. It has the consistency of masonry filler and in my opinion should only be used for this. Almueza is a ubiquitous lunchtime bargain treat here. Locals tend to eat out at lunchtime rather than evening and almuerza is the lunch menu of the day. For the ... read more
One of the many meals made of maize...named by us, "Corn blob"
A happy snap ......just before "the incident"......

South America » Ecuador February 24th 2020

Presque un mois en Equateur, riche en aventures et découvertes! Arrivés le 29 janvier a Quito, une ville énorme,tentaculaire,qui s’étend sur environ 87 km, plusieurs millions d'habitants sur plusieurs collines, bruyante, polluée, et pleine de pickpockets! Le centre historique est plutôt sympa, truffé d’églises, notamment la magnifique Eglise de la compañía de Jesús, couverte du sol au plafond de feuille d'or, mais où il est interdit de faire des photos, et aussi la Basílica del Voto Nacional, avec sa vertigineuse tour des condors. Une belle randonnée dans les hauteurs de Quito vers la montagne Rucu Pichincha apres avoir apprécié la vue gigantesque du Teleférico, sans aller jusqu'au sommet à 4600m dans les nuages, mais tout de même bien essouflés a 4300m! Trois jours plus tard, nous partons en bus vers la jungle amazonienne: la selva. D'abord ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Central Highlands February 23rd 2020

You might have noticed a passing reference to El Nariz del Diablo in our last blog. WELL this amazing feat of engineering deserves at least a blog spot of its own and maybe more than one! In the late 1800s the Ecuadorian government decided to build a railway from Quito to Guayquil to link the two main areas of the country and stop every one fighting with everyone else. They started in Guayquil on the coast and proceeded splendidly through the coastal plain until they hit THE ANDES. The Andes are one heck of a obstacle and the railway ground to a halt and over the next few years began to be overgrown and abandoned. The story goes that an English born financier, Archer Harman, who had a brother John who was a civil engineer, was ... read more
Only a small one but a lovely example of a Warren truss
Just before the path became "mortally steep"

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Central Highlands February 22nd 2020

So our blog spots have gone a bit wonky due to editorial problems (i.e. we've got in a muddle). The last blog should have appeared before the one before it but Pete was so traumatised by nearly having to find a new sourdough maker he was unable to write for a few days. Let me take you back to us waking up in Riobamba after our Chimborazo excitement and realising we had missed the bus to Alausi. We hot-footed it to the bus station to find it was CARNIVAL. We had failed to realise what a big thing Carnival is throughout Ecuador (as well as everywhere else in South America). Obtaining bus tickets is always a dark art. If you walk into a ticket office you are accosted by ticket sellers yelling at you through the ... read more
These stilt men were about 15 feet high!
We just loved these chubby chaps.

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