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March 29th 2011
Published: March 30th 2011
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Hi Folks.

Here are some more pictures from our five weeks in the Amazonian Rainforest to tantalize all you adventurists!

Dave y Theresa.

Additional photos below
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Tawny forest racer.Tawny forest racer.
Tawny forest racer.

about three feet (1 metre) long.
Theobroma cacao.Theobroma cacao.
Theobroma cacao.

This is where chocolate comes from..
Bamboo rat.Bamboo rat.
Bamboo rat.

Most of the mammals are elusive and we only ever got to see them for a fleeting moment.
The green and rufous kingfisher.The green and rufous kingfisher.
The green and rufous kingfisher.

With a moth on his head.
Theresa releases a scorpion onto her head.Theresa releases a scorpion onto her head.
Theresa releases a scorpion onto her head.

The tailless whipped scorpions are harmless. Remember the Harry Potter movie? This is the lovely bug! See our comment on the previous rainforest entry.
Night swimming.Night swimming.
Night swimming.

On a stream walk with all sorts of creepy crawlies. Andy, our fearless leader, kept on telling us to back up for the photo and it became very deep!
Muddy Dave.Muddy Dave.
Muddy Dave.

Our Sunday football match with the locals of Puerto Rico always ended with either a mud fight or a water fight.

This plant has ants living in it. The plant tolerates the ants as they feed on potential leaf eating insects.
Tent-making bats.Tent-making bats.
Tent-making bats.

So called because they fold a leaf over to make a tent for themselves.
Jungle coffee.Jungle coffee.
Jungle coffee.

and taters roasting on the coals.

30th March 2011

I hope you don't bring home those scorpions, yakkkkkkkkkkk, I think I will be happy when you two are our of thisforest, too many bugs, big bugs, LOVE YOU MOM
30th March 2011
Muddy Dave.

Dirty Boy!
Bad boy, dirty boy, go to bed!
30th March 2011

Hi Mom! haha! Big bugs, eh? Now I won´t be even flinching at the size of our bugs in Canada. they will appear so small to me. Your spider-loving daughter, Theresa
31st March 2011

That snail needs a large mushroom cap with loads of butter and a bit of garlic! Cool shots Cuz.....
1st April 2011

Hey, TBo
I would think that the cooking time would be alittle longer for this one, eh? But he was so cute, just hanging out with us at base camp, I couldn´t do it... T

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