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August 10th 2010
Published: August 16th 2010
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Now we’re back home…
We have settled into our home in Castlegar again, and our suitcases have retired to the storage space under the stairs. Every day someone asks us if we’re glad to be back, and we always hesitate. It’s more complicated than a yes or no answer. Our hearts won’t let us glibly answer yes. It is true that we are glad to see our friends, glad to have all the luxuries of hot and cold running water, a wonderful house, all the normality of good roads, sensible driving, and our trusty van. However, in some ways,our hearts are still on the bustling, colourful streets of Ecuador, with short women in traditional dress, and people selling all kinds of things all around us. We are still ready to get on one of the luxury buses and listen to the snake oil salesmen tell us about the latest miracle cure for everything, and listen to tinny music and a bad movie while we get whisked to another remarkable town with new sights and sounds, and some interesting hostal to stay in. Our family of 5 feels a little strange to have ourselves split up in different places with many other people when we’ve been together so constantly. Here houses are beige, white and grey, when we’d love to see green, purple, orange or pink on them. Granted there are no mangy, starving dogs to sigh about, but where are all the babies and children, all the little siblings holding hands, giggling and spoiled by the adults around them. When we turn a corner in Canada, all is as we expect it to be, orderly, clean and predictable. Turn a corner in Ecuador, and you never know if you’ll see an animal market, a huge cathedral, an elegantly treed town square, or one of the wonderful bakeries we found everywhere.
I find myself describing our trip as a fairytale, not only because it was exotic, but also because there was a Once Upon a Time at the beginning, and also because we’ve closed the book, moved on and are trying to believe it really happened. We can only look at the pictures now and try to put ourselves back into it’s pages that way.
So yes we’re glad to be back home. There have already been parties, swimming in the river, sleepovers, picnics, visits, and sadly even a funeral. We have unpacked, and watched movies, and returned to church and made plans, but we have not yet cleared the lingering ribbons that call us back to our adventure as a team of 5 in the wonderland of Ecuador.

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14th August 2015

Loved your blog
I was lead to your blog when I was researching about traveling to Ecuador. I have to say I really enjoyed reading your family adventure. All the quaint details about Ecuador really sold me. Thanks!
14th August 2015

Glad to heat it
Ecuador is far more do-able than Peru, with the smaller distances. And it really does have everything!

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