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October 31st 2007
Published: October 31st 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Still havent been able to upload any pictures onto my site, I will try again when I next have a fast internet connection. Its pretty slow here on the coast.

In the span of four days I have found my way from Quito to Manta, and then to the town of Mantanita about 90 miles farther South. This place is amazing. Accept for the weather (it has been cloudy, and cold so far), this small town has everything I could ever want. Prices are cheap, the food is great, the beach is beautiful, tons of girls, a few great bars, and a friendly atmosphere. It may become a struggle to ever leave again.
Considering the remoteness of Mantanita I was pleasently surprised to run into a fellow WSU student, while eating dinner yesterday. We talked for a while, both of us resenting the poor showing that our football team is giving this year, but optomistic for coming basketball season. I guess even while traveling it is hard to give up some things like your sports teams.
Hope all is well. I will try to write again in a few weeks.


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