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South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 17th 2015

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS My first day in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador and it’s my birthday. I looked up the translation for birthday on my telephone and practiced it all day. I walked out the door of my hotel and looked down at the ocean in the distance. I figured all I had to do was walk down this dirt road in front of my hostel, turn right at the main road and I would eventually run into the waterfront. I could check out a few dive stores and set up three days of diving. I started walking, and was surprised to see that Puerto Lopez has trikes like the Philippines. They are basically a refitted motorcycle with a cab over it. The driver is in front and there is a rickshaw type seat in the back for passengers. ... read more
Puerto Lopez Dog

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 16th 2015

ON THE WAY AGAIN Ecuador, Quito to Puerto Lopez I wanted to get out of the city and do some more diving. I made plans to travel by bus to Puerto Lopez, below Quito on the coast of Ecuador. Sometimes called “The poor man’s Galapagos.” In the eleventh hour, I decided on a hotel…Alcazaba. I decided to leave plenty early because finding your way around a bus station can be challenging. My bus was at 10:10 a.m. and it was an hour to the bus station (Carlos, the concierge at my hotel, said to plan an hour) so I decided to be up at 6 a.m. and out of the hotel by 7. Instead, I overslept and woke up at 6:49. I hustled and was out of my room by 7:06. After I paid my bill ... read more
Arrival: Puerto Lopez Bus Station

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López May 11th 2015

It's hard to believe that it's been over two months since I published my last blog! I hope that my faithful readers haven't been too worried about me. I've been busy busy busy, working at the beach hotel once again and the weeks have just slipped away. As a result I have a LOT of photos in this entry, some throwback pix from my January travels to Esmeraldas with Sue (thanks for finally sending them to me!) and other images compliments of my photographer friend, Colin who has been visiting from Ohio. There's no way my narration will touch on so many pix, so please scroll down at the end to enjoy them all! It seems like my time at home is so limited --I had only a couple of weeks this last stretch in Banos, ... read more
Illusions Bookstore
with friends...
Outdoor Spa

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López May 2nd 2015

After the Inca Trail we were extremely satisfied, but also somewhat “done” with the mountains. Having traveled north during our trip, we were now also closer to pleasant climates and the warmer part of the pacific coast. So we decided to leave exploring the rest of Peru for future travels, and move into Ecuador. In a travel tour-de-force we went from Cusco, via Lima and Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez on the sunny Ecuadorian coast. With the help of some flights we covered this long distance in only one and a half day. When the bus from Guayaquil arrived in Puerto Lopez, it was dark already and we didn't have a hotel. We luckily have no trouble finding a place to stay close to the beach. After arriving in the dark, seeing a city in the morning ... read more
Masked nazca boobie
Courting male frigate bird
Cacao fruit

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil April 19th 2015

We flew from Lima to Guayaqui, Ecuado. From the window of the plane we could see large houses sitting on canals, it looked similar to Fort Lauderdale. We rented a room through Airbnb and Manuel was waiting at the airport to walk us to his apartment. The neighborhood near the airport is not very good but we are only spending the night so it is convient for a short turn around. We decide to visit The Parque Historico, it is listed as the #1 activity on Trip Advisor. We grabbed a taxie but I do not think it was an official taxie because the driver did not know where the Parque Historico was, so we showed him where the park was on a map. We ask him how much the ride costs and he said $8.00, ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil December 14th 2014

I woke up early at 8am despite a late night the night before staying up until 2am packing my things. I was full of excitement at the prospect of visiting South America for the first time and had a few things to sort before I departed. I left the house at midday and went to the shop to pick up some new hiking boots and a mosquito net for the rainforest as well as a medical kit. I had just enough time to sit down to have breakfast at my favourite bakery near the train station. With three hours until my flight I decided to leave, as I was excited to catch my flight to go travelling. However, upon arrival, the day took a turn for the worse. During the check-in, the flight assistant notified me ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil December 4th 2014

Guayaquil - Day 11 After breakfast, we spent some time on the porch, reviewing our information on Guayaquil. A friendly dog came by and settled down under Bob's hammock. We decided to call a taxi to get to the bus station. Cab fair was cheap, $1.50, and definitely worth not struggling with our luggage. The bus was very prompt, very comfortanle, approximately a 3 hour trip for $6.00. As we got out of Montanita, several little towns had hammocks for sale. We followed the beach for quite a while, just the sand and no structures or people. In Valdivia, supposedly the oldest culture in Ecuador, fishing boats lined the beach. Then passed a few little shacks with tall sunflowers in the yard. Saw a long dock protruding out into the ocean with a big pipe within, ... read more
La Rotunda on the Malecon
Christmas in the mall along river
The tropical garden

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita December 3rd 2014

Montanita - Day 10 Another low-key but very relaxing day. Checked and made reservations ahead for a hostel in Cuenca, our second stop after Montanita. Walked the beach again this morning. A big group of young school kids ran down to the beach, all in gray sweats and white t-shirts, then ran along the ocean. We got some strange looks, as blond hair here is very unusual. (Might be other reasons we looked strange too!) We walked by a juggler on the beach, juggling five items in the air. Also saw a large dead eel. As we returned from our walk, a bike with an umbrella and a big cart of fruit came down our hostel road. We got some good fruit for breakfast tomorrow. After some quality time in the hammock, we walked into ... read more
Feathered friend
Far end of beach
Beach juggler

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita December 2nd 2014

Montanita - Day 9 After a breakfast of fresh fruits and pastries, we moved to Comuno Montanita Hosteleria further up the beach. It's a little further to walk to town, but the beach here is very quiet and private. Rather than a room, we have a little cabin with a thatched roof. The roof rafters and the porch posts are all bamboo. There is a hammock on the front porch so Bob is happy! We can look out the front door and see the ocean. It has Internet, hot water, and is very clean. And best of all, there is a very friendly black dog here. Today was a very relaxing day. We walked the beach, spent some time in town. Had a late lunch again at el Sazon Guayaco. Today they included a big bowl ... read more
Bob found another hammock
New friend
Noisy birds in town

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita December 1st 2014

Montanita - Day 8 Breakfast in the room this morning. We had our coil to heat up coffee water in our cups. Coffee, fruit, and pastries made a great breakfast. Walked the beach to check out how to transport our luggage to the next hostal. The sand near the water was hard and easy to walk along, so we will probably move via the beach rather than by the main road. The beach was quiet and beautiful this morning. There were several dogs on the beach, a couple of them frolicking in the water. A few boys were practicing their long jumps. Next was our ATM adventure. We tried a couple banks, and we couldn't get any money out. Then found out that maximum withdrawal is $100, but you can do this up to three times ... read more
Lunch at el Sazon Guayaco
Along the Malecon
View from hotel roof

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