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South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López August 10th 2006

It's been a while since I blogged as I've been travelling long instances at weekends and haven't had time to write. I'm going to try to summarize the last couple of weeks in ten key points. 1. Two weekends ago: Went to Cotopaxi National Park, saw the highland laguna at the foot of Cotopaxi. didn't go to the Refuge 'cos it was snowing too hard. BRRRR! 2. Staying in brilliant hostal with a few other volunteers (Cuello de Luna), had our own fireplace in our room, en-suite and burned eucalyptus wood all evening - what an amazing smell! Best food I've eaten in Ecuador. 3. On Sunday morning hiked around near the hostal and climbed onto a ridge to see the clouds move across Cotopaxi's summit. 4. Good week at the reserve - decided to use ... read more
A Cold Katie at Cotopaxi Carpark
Path to Cotopaxi Refugio
Sunday Morning View of Cotopaxi

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 17th 2006

Have you missed us?? **Update** Remember awhile ago when we were in the town of Banos and went upthe Tungurahua volcano but were dissapointed because although we could hear it rumbling we couldn´t see the lava being ejected. Well, guess what...It erupted!! They´ve evacuated 2 500 people from the town and surrounding hamlets, newspapers here are filled with photos with red cross workers etc. Actually, no one´s been hurt but of course thousands of animals have died. We´re glad we weren´t in town then, especially because our spanish is so bad that evacuating us may have been difficult.*** It´s been a few days since we´ve written so we´ve lots to catch up on. Now, where were we... Ah yes, I believe we last touched base in the sea side town of Canoa. I feel that I ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 12th 2006

Manta, Ecuador We took a 9 hr $6 coach journey out of Quito to a place called Manta on the recomendation of a barman..Karl by the way was supposed to be hiking round Ecuador for 6 weeks but we convinced him that was a rubbish holiday and convinced him to come drinking with us instead so along he came. The coac hjourney wasn´t too bad at all really, full of locals going on their holiday´s. Driving through the mountains on terrible roads was an experince but just added to the adventure..Stopped off at a localvillage for lunch (grilled banana and fish of course, strange but not bad) and got approached by all the kids probably wondering what planet these really white,hairy men were from... Arrived in Manta and immediately none of us liked it, not sure ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López February 19th 2006

Hola, Wow what a fantastic....while. I think the last time I wrote was in Cuenca, so I will pick it up from there. From Cuenca Tessa and I booted it to Guyaquil, Ecuador's largest and most "feo" (ugly) city. A port city, Guyaquil really didn't have much to look at except concrete and black-smoke, not to mention the polluted brownish-green water. However, always one to try to make the best of any situation, Tessa and I took a nice walk along the reconstructed waterfront, which did have some fun things to take a look at. Stopping for dinner, it started to pour rain and, shoeless and in normal clothes, Tessa and I rain around a pedestrian area with some local kids (who were happily and comfortably wearing garbage bags to help, somewhat hopelessly, with the pouring ... read more
Puerto Lopez
Horseback riding

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López February 15th 2006

Prehistoric giant pelicans, rubber band engines, freshly made cerviche and a fisherman called Winston Churchill. This is the rugged coast of Ecuador. Throw in a nurse with a long needle aimed at your backside, and you’ve got yourself quite the weekend away… A far cry from the capital city, Quito, up in the cool, misty Andes... I might as well be in a completely different country. Everything you imagine a Latino beach scene to be... a fishing town hidden in banana plantations and fruit farms. Extremely hot and humid. Lots of reggaetone and salsa beats. Bars with open walls and sand floors. Fresh coconut milk by the sea and swarms of brown naked bodies everywhere you turn... very very cool. I stayed in a pretty downbeat hostel. But for 4 bucks a night it was ... read more
Winston Churchill
More smiles on the ecuator

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López February 15th 2006

Executive Summary: After embracing my inner Peter Pan in Canoa, I finally traveled on down the coast to Puerto Lopez and Montañita for quick visits before heading on to the harrowing border into Tumbes, Peru. Couple observations on local marketing and the coffee quandary. Puerto Lopez Puerto Lopez has just lately become a bonafide destination, thanks to the clever local PR engine that has dubbed nearby Isla Plata 'the poor man's Galapagos'. How close that comes to the truth I'm not sure, being too poor to compare, but the real draw seems to be the humpback whales that put on a show from July to September. It's always a bit strange and melancholy to travel off-season through a destination known almost exclusively for an activity you'll have to miss. But in reality the nearby National Machalilla ... read more
nesting blue-footed boobies
nesting frigate birds
Coast at Machalilla national park

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López August 17th 2005

hey there, it´s Rich We departed the marvelous town of tena, after our marvellous kayak experiance, and trolled merrily off to the town of Puerto Lopez. This is described as a ´beautiful fish hoók bay´ where you can watch fshing boats and generally chill. This it sort of was, but the guide book made no mention of the open drains running down the dirt roads, or the twenty strong packs of ferel dogs roaming the streets and barking all nght. After being kept awake by the sam dog for two hours by its incessant racket, I tried to silence it by means of large rocks expertly propelled at (or in fact near) its head. Forced to beat a hasty retreat by the sudden arival of all its biggest most rabid looking mates though, so it was ... read more
Magnificant Frigates

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 27th 2005

After our trip to Banos we decided to head for the Ecuadorian coastal town of Puerto Lopez where off the coastline it is currently mating season for the humpacked whale. So with a spring in our step we set off on our first overnight coach journey in Ecuador. Now, although Ecuador is in most respects more upscale than Peru, this doesnt apply to the buses and arriving at the terminal we boarded our bus “Carlos Aray” to find the seats to be hard as iron and stuck in a rather uncomfortable recline positon. This was going to be a long 8 hours. The first couple of hours passed without incident as we wound our way up the Panamericana toward Quito. The trouble started as we turned of toward the coast and decended through the cloud forest ... read more
Beach geese at  P. Lopez
Isla de la Plata
Nice boobies

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