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January 7th 2012
Published: June 16th 2017
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Our CatchOur CatchOur Catch

Okay, I WAS GOING to claim we'd gone fishing and decided just to bring home the small ones, but truth won out. Fishermen brought these in early this morning.
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I know. I know. We haven't written for a long time, but we've been really busy having fun. Remember talking about going over to the main offices of our school while we were in Quito? Well Ligia the director, whose office is in Quito, is here in PL for the weekend with a student named Ensu (which probably isn't spelled right, as she's South Korean) and we've been having a ball.

Ligia is such a kick! Saturday morning all of us went to the fish market--Raquel, too: Bob and 4 women. He loves being king--they keep telling him in this country the man is king and he seems to be adapting pretty well.

Shawn, the fish market wasn't ANYTHING like the market in Chennai--you'll see in the pictures.

Later Raquel made ceviche, as she said they don't make it right in the restaurants. It's easy, she claims. We were going to all make it together but the rest of us went to a beach down the road and got back too late. She'd already put it together.

Whoooohoooo was it good. I could eat it all day, it's so amazing. Fresh fish that had hardly stopped flapping, and the thinnest slices of
Cleaning fish with a macheteCleaning fish with a macheteCleaning fish with a machete

And then I was going to claim we'd had a little help cleaning them...
onion, tomato, green pepper and cilantro. And lime juice. Wow. Raquel used to have a restaurant of her own --she is an amazing cook, but her speciality is vegetarian. Interesting, huh?

The beach we went to was in Solongo, a $3 taxi ride away. It was gorgeous, but the waves were so strong they picked me up and tossed me up the beach like rolling a ball. It was a blast! I jumped up and ran out to do it again, but it was so exhausting, about 3 times was all I needed.By then I had sand EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE, I tell you. Bob too. It knocked him down and Ligia and Ensue ran over, each grabbed an arm and they were dragging him ashore when I rolled by. What a time we had. I didn't think we'd ever get all the sand out of our ears, etc., etc.

There were showers at the beach but they had no water, so a lady sold us a small bucket of water for 25 cents that we tried to wash off with, but the stuff's so sticky it's almost impossible without running water and soap.

Nevertheless, it was such a fun time we went to
Frigate birds--great cleaner-uppersFrigate birds--great cleaner-uppersFrigate birds--great cleaner-uppers

These birds swoop down within inches of your nose scrapping for pickings. They don't fish themselves, they just steal from others.
a different beach the next day to do it all again...more on that--what they claim is the most beautiful beach in all of Ecuador, later.

Additional photos below
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Pretty older woman cleans fishPretty older woman cleans fish
Pretty older woman cleans fish

She must have been a beauty when she was young because she's still beautiful
Bob and the girlsBob and the girls
Bob and the girls

Raquel (our teacher's wife) Ligia (the school director, and Ensu (student from South Korea
Fishing boats and catFishing boats and cat
Fishing boats and cat

Boats rest here on the shore until night time when they go out again
Ligia walks the beach at SolongoLigia walks the beach at Solongo
Ligia walks the beach at Solongo

Notice the hordes of people
Holding on for dear lifeHolding on for dear life
Holding on for dear life

We're laughing so hard it's hard to keep a watch on the demon waves about to roll us over again.
Bob & I make it outBob & I make it out
Bob & I make it out

We decide enough's enough. Ensu's photos all have date stamps on them.

13th January 2012

Ohhhhh, that looks so good it hurts!
14th January 2012

Kari--you would not believe how good that was.
21st January 2012

Reminds me a lot of India. I can almost smell it through the pictures. :)
21st January 2012

After having seen the fish market in Chennai, I was expecting lots of smell, but really, it just smelled like fish. Not rotten or nasty, just clean fish. They do an amazingly quick job of cleaning and filleting them, then getting them on ic
e and off to the trucks.

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