Blogs from Los Frailes, Parque Nacional Machalilla, West, Ecuador, South America


The scorching heat of yesterday had only grown in intensity for today - probably not the best day to visit the beach but I'm not one to change plans if at all possible so we were off to Los Frailes today. The beach of Los Frailes makes up part of the Parque Nacional Machalillas, the most beautiful part if I'm going to be biased. The options of getting to the beach were as follows: a 'long but rewarding' trek through dry scrubland to reach the entrance followed by a thirty minute walk to the actual beach. a fifteen minute, 2 dollar motortaxi ride. No points for guessing which option we took! I'm sorry to sound unbelievably lazy but I just don't see the point of going to the beach and then exhausting yourself in the hot ... read more
Beach cactus
Pebble beach

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