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July 28th 2008
Published: July 28th 2008
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I learned lots of new words today from a guy who calls himself Angel X. He is actually the most gentlemanlike ecutoriano I have met yet. locura, facha,...ya ya ya. Saw this place called Paradise that overlooks the entire city and has an even better view than Las Peñas. When it is rainy there is a waterfall and lots of fruit trees, but not now. Still a beautiful view.

Bought my ticket to Quito for tomorrow. Not sure where I am staying yet but I hope Fito got in touch wit his godmother and that works out so I can stay there and save some money. All I know is Teleferico on Tuesday and Baños on Thursday and Friday night (I think). Depending on what Veronica and Fito want to to and how I am feeling about it I may stay in Baños a day longer than them, but I still need to go back to Quito to catch my plane on the 2a. Excitedddd!! After that I come home and have a busy life there. Hopefully NJ can live up to it´s standards because I really do love it here and may just come back for good. I will definitely return with an empty suitcase to go shopping though.

Not really much else to say. Classes finished and most everyone has left so I have been pretty lonely. Lizzy fue a Montañita sola and I am going to kill her. She didn´t get in touch with anyone and was supposed to be back for her flight at noon yesterday, which she missed and had everyone calling everyone trying to find out what happened to her. She´s alive now though, don´t know where, but I will probably kill her when I find out. Muy preocupada! Anywho, I am thrilled to be done with classes but I am back to sleeping a lot at the house. There was a soccer game today but I didn´t go, nor did I go to the beach like I was hoping to. I am soooo pale. Please don´t make fun of me when I get home. Also, my legs look like I have been through war with all the bug bites, dancing blisters and cuts and injuries from Baños. It has all been worth it though. I will miss the dancing here. I don´t want to dance anything other than salsa or merengue when I get home. And I need my tacos to do it. Heels.

I bought pretty much all my gifts. Couple people missing who I hope I find the perfect something for when I go to Quito.

Okay, I am going to go find some food en Estrada. Leave me comments or send me an e-mail because I miss everyone. Life is busy as soon as I get home, so I am going to enjoy my time until then. Besos.


28th July 2008

Oh don't you worry Gina, I will make fun of you for being pale. Mwahaha.

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