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July 31st 2006
Published: August 9th 2006
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26th July- 1st August

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was best appreciated by the flight over its mountainess surroundings. Its filled with beautiful churches, relaxing Plazas, museums and full of history and culture.
Stayed at a hostel called ¨centro Del mundo¨, otherwise known as the party hostel, where every monday, wed and friday, the hostel dishes out free rum and coke, ending in nights of absolute drunkeness and acts of debauchery (of course yours truly remained totally quiet sipping on lemonade!). We stayed in the old town, where tourists outweigh the number of locals. and where pubs and clubs rule supreme...all this, one street away from my hostel. These are the times that i am glad that i am deaf in one ear, where to escape the noise, i simply sleep on my good ear and drift away into quiet sleep, whilst my travel buddies roll around in bed trying to drown out the ´dooj dooj´ noise of the nearby sound-machine-drilling clubs!

From the quaint hostel haunt called ¨Level¨, to the electric ¨No-Bar¨, there was a bar/club for everybody! food was great and dancing and drinks cheap! party baby!

Don´t worry, mario did end up doing some sightseeing....
greetings from the middle of the World!greetings from the middle of the World!greetings from the middle of the World!

Claudio, james, Freddie, Mario, rob

Visited The CENTRE OF THE WORLD! amazing place. 1.5hours away from Quito, a monument stood representing the equatorial line...but it turns out that they made a mistake in their calculation thanks to radar type army advances that discovered the actual line was a few hundred metres away!
At the equator, they showed us numerous experiments to prove this was the equator
1) the water test- at the equator, water flowed directly down through a hole in a tub. South of the equator, it turned clockwise; and north of the equator, it flowed anticlockwise.....even less than 2 metres away from the equator!
2) the egg test- it is said that only at the equator are u able to balance an egg on a nail...and after a half minute of attempts, i proved the theory right!

The museum celebrating the site of the equator also lay testament to the cultures of the area. most striking was the practice of human sacrifice where the heads would be shrunken by removing the insides and using drying methods to preserve them! muy chevere (very cool!)

Also visited the Cloud forest, transported by cable car over the lush green terrain to wonder through the
partyin with the boyzpartyin with the boyzpartyin with the boyz

Claudio, Mario, Freddie (aka superman)
forest, stumbling across stunning waterfalls, last one being the biggest- where a 12meter platform lay for me to plumet from and into the uncertain deep waters below! absolutely exhilirating!!! didnt know that i would soon become a television star- cause i stepped out, a film crew from an upcoming latin american TV program interviewed me about the jump...in SPANISH! website is www.travelsport.com apparently i will appear on october show!! i remember saying: ¨es muy divertido. tuve mucha adrenalina. mucho interesante. pero necessitas tenir cuidadod con las manos....¨

Our hostel seemed to be a drawing card for all the party people, as we would continously encounter people that we had met along the way coming through the doors each day! It was also the time that we said goodbye to Freddie, as he headed back to reality in Australia.

Additional photos below
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cloud forest- 12m jumping cliffcloud forest- 12m jumping cliff
cloud forest- 12m jumping cliff

this was the 12m jump that i did on latin american TV www.travelsport.com will air in october!

constuction started in 1920s...still under construction!
balancing an egg!balancing an egg!
balancing an egg!

only at the centre of the world!
Freddie in superman pose!Freddie in superman pose!
Freddie in superman pose!

he would tell each girl that superman has retuned! (superman regressa!)
partyin with Israelispartyin with Israelis
partyin with Israelis

making peace overseas whilst our countries are at war...

11th September 2006

Keiro Volar Conmigo?
?Porque no?

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