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July 5th 2006
Published: July 6th 2006
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Now where did i leave off? It's been an adventurous week! I arrived in Quito on the 25th of June. landed at the Secret Garden hostal, more of a 4 floor concrete jungle, but cool vibe and GREAT food. spent more on the food than the accomodations. Quito is a city built into the side of a mountain. gorgeous setting, and perfect weather. But man, Quito sprawl gives Los Angeles a serious run for it's... Read Full Entry

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Lake QuilatoaLake Quilatoa
Lake Quilatoa

GORGEOUS. but windy and freezing!!!!
Lake QuilatoaLake Quilatoa
Lake Quilatoa

hike from the lake back to black sheep inn- 6 hours!!!
Andean field workerAndean field worker
Andean field worker

the woman was working with a child on her back!
Lake Quilatoa hikeLake Quilatoa hike
Lake Quilatoa hike

see those trees on the top of the mountain? we hiked from there to the floor of the canyon and back up!
Old Town QuitoOld Town Quito
Old Town Quito

woman selling lottery tickets on the street
Papallactas Hot SpringsPapallactas Hot Springs
Papallactas Hot Springs

stopped here on my way to the magic roundabout in Baeza

6th July 2006

Tanya, Oh my goodness. It doesn't even seem real. It sounds like you are doing all the things you want to do and who knew you'd find eco/vegie type accomodations? Too cool! It is wonderful to get to read about your adventure and then the photos are the icing on the cake. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Feels like we are there with you.
6th July 2006

Great Pics
Tan, The pictures are beautiful! Not exactly my terrain though! Thank goodness you are in good shape. I bet you have lost weight since leaving the Us. Take care. Love, Mom PS Read some of the diaries so I know what it's like where you are,.
6th July 2006

Wonder pics!
Hey Tan, Glad you got where you were going! Your bus ride sounded like quite an adventure. You pictures are absolutely fantastic!! Keep them coming. What is your work assignment? Hope you have time to have some fun. Love, Dad
6th July 2006

You Rock!
Your trip looks amazing. I'm so happy for you. Keep the journal entries coming... The pictures are great... you have to publish your story in something when you get back. Stay safe and have fun! - Rory
6th July 2006

Damn, Monster, those are some GORGEOUS pix. You SERIOUSLY need to get yourself a Photographer's Market when you get home--I can see at least 5 pictures here which would be TOTALLY saleable. (And that's not even counting that adorable kittypic.) I'm glad this trip seems to be everything you hoped for, and I can't wait for the next installment!
10th July 2006

Lake Quilatoa
The lake looks stunning I really wish I had gone there when I was in Quito and the hostels you've been staying in sound great. take care x
11th July 2006

Uuuuuuueweee! Thanks for sharing!!!!
Tan! Just know that your Dad's ol' writing buddy, neighbor Dottie is at the end of your line snooping in too. Great Day Granny!!! I'm enjoying the trip!!! You are so brave, girlfriend. Of course, I know where you got that from!! Golly! I'm proud of you. And I just can NOT thank you enough for letting me go hiking and shakily bus riding and enjoying all those cats, dogs and the various animals...vicariouly with youuuu! This is already the most fascinating book. I say now.....don't change a word.....just let them bind it in just this form because we FEEL it, experience it and thrill in it. And DON'T lose that camera!! You have got it right. Wow! What perfect pictures! Yes!! yes!! yes!! Keep telling us the little things that you notice and impress you. I know your writing this takes time but you will always be glad you did. I can't wait til you blog again. I don't think I even need to say it but......enjoy every single minute, Tan!! Squeeze as much as you can out of each one. Pulling for you and dreaming of your life!! Vicariously, Dottie at

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