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January 11th 2012
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Roll Tide! Number 14, I was able to watch the majority of the game. My host family thought it was a very brutal game, and was not sure about the rules. I did not get to watch the last few minutes because the internet stopped. Yesterday I also went to my school, so I would no how to get their. It is gorgeous, I will add pictures soon. Also the drive their is very pretty through the Mountains to a valley. Today was orientation which was informative, but a little boring. We were split into groups for a tour and there was a girl who goes to Alabama. She is only person from Alabama, what are the chances. I met her and some other people. She was really nice and it was nice to have somebody who understood the importance of yesterday haha. Everyone is excited to start classes, and to meet people. My host family went to Colombia to take their family, but they had car trouble and will not be able to return today. I am little nervous about being alone, but I have 5 locks so I do not think any one will bother me. Also I have the family dog Sasha to hang out with. The family was very aploigetic, but I completely understand not wanting to drive at night around the border. I really like my family and Ecuador so far, I am ready to meet people and start exploring the city and country. Tomorrow I have my first class.


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