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September 7th 2011
Published: September 7th 2011
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We've finally, finally gotten some cloudy weather in Quito. That may seem like a strange statement, but I've never been one to love the sun for too long. It's also been a little chillier, which is great because I think I'm going to miss fall.

This week has been probably the most frustrating of my stay so far. To start with, I have a cold. It's really not too bad, but it's led me to miss a couple of classes. I'm also having a hard time figuring out my ICRP, which is the volunteer project or internship that I have to do while I'm here. To make a long story short, we're supposed to be able to choose anything that fits in with the ICRP guidelines; one year a kid worked at a guitar store, and other kids have done more service-related projects. This year, our program director decided to put us in a service-learning class instead of having a separate ICRP class, which is making it extremely difficult for anyone to do projects that aren't directed at helping the disadvantaged. I'm trying to work at the student radio station, something that fits in with my interests and which has been approved by our director but not by my professor. We'll see what happens and how far I can push the site director on it.

Nothing too exciting has happened since my last post. Classes are in full swing, which is sometimes great and sometimes overwhelming since I'm taking 6. I just need a C to get credit from K, and it won't factor into my GPA, but the grades will still show up on my transcript so grad schools will see them.

This weekend I'm off to Otavalo with the K crowd. It's one of our program trips, so the hotels and meals are already lined up. Apparently we're going to a healing ceremony, visiting a bird sanctuary, and visiting an artisan market, among other things. I'll post something more exciting once I get back!


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