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May 18th 2009
Published: June 9th 2009
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After spending so long in the jungles and pampas and of course not having worked for nearly 5 months we decided that maybe seeing some of these animals up close would be a good idea! So after getting a confirmation email from Dalma at the Santa Marta Animal Rescue Centre we hastily booked a flight (flights really, there were three of them!) from Santa Cruz in Bolivia to Quito in Ecuador. The bes... Read Full Entry

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Percy the donkeyPercy the donkey
Percy the donkey

does a nice job eating the grass but boy does he make a mess!
Ann´s friend WoollyAnn´s friend Woolly
Ann´s friend Woolly

as in woolly monkey.....unfortunately he hated Gordon
Violicus JayViolicus Jay
Violicus Jay

not sure on spelling ...but he does sound like he should be a DJ.
Trumpet BirdTrumpet Bird
Trumpet Bird

he makes the coolest sound...literally like a trumpet.
Gordon and his friend EVIL BIRDGordon and his friend EVIL BIRD
Gordon and his friend EVIL BIRD

now he is evil!! and didn´t like women whatsoever
Pretty PollyPretty Polly
Pretty Polly

Can fly and would otherwise be released, but for the fact that the bird learnt to talk in captivity!
Gordon hard at workGordon hard at work
Gordon hard at work

Ann was astounded!!
Three Wise MonkeysThree Wise Monkeys
Three Wise Monkeys

These Squirrel Monkeys are supposed to be being rehabilitated with the hope of an eventual release......rehabilitation generally means not making them friendly......
Leah a Close UpLeah a Close Up
Leah a Close Up

You guessed it another pet. This one was malnourished when she arrived at the centre 12 months ago. The consequence has stunted here growth...meaning she will be kitten sized forever!
Gordon´s turn to be used as a Step ladderGordon´s turn to be used as a Step ladder
Gordon´s turn to be used as a Step ladder

This is a Coati! This is another pet gone wrong and the resultant mistreatment has left both coati´s blind.....lucky they have a great nose!

9th June 2009

Hey there, you look so at home with all the animals; looks like you had fun.
9th June 2009

Cuba Libre night... on at the Central del Mundo hostel in Quito on Mon, Wed and Fridays :) Say hi to all from leo and katrin! I must say - I am this tiny eeny weeny bit envious reading all your blogs, sounds like you're having a fab time. Need to pick your brains regarding Africa btw...
23rd March 2011

information please
Hello, I ve just read your article about your experience in Santa Martha Rescue Animal and I d like to have the same kind of experience.. But the internet web site doesn t work... How can i have more information about this voluntary project ? Thank you very Much !
3rd May 2012

Unfortunately Santa Marta closed down. I don't have the full story, though there were rumours flying around that the animals were being exploited etc. From our experience it was wonderfully run by committed people and committed volunteers and is a crying shame!

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