We're all going on a Easter holiday!

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March 30th 2007
Published: March 30th 2007
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Well, we're free from work for a whole week due to Semana Santa (Easter for you English bods) so we have a plan! Probably not going to stick to it but still.

Had last morning at school today which was cool but really weird. There was an altar set up in the main corridor covered in flowers and half way through the morning we had to take all the kids to sit either side of it whilst there was a procession to bring a statue of the Virgin Mary in to be placed on the altar. Then, after a lot of singing, a guy dressed in a weird Crusader-style tabard with crosses all over it came in and talked for half an hour about some miracle that happened in Cuenca (yet again wishing my Spanish was good enough to understand). Then the children had to go up to be given a rose to cross themselves with. My class refused of course so I was sent up to do it first. If in doubt, send the only non-Catholic in the place first. No idea what it was for but we got pretty flowers out of it.

Met up with all the others in the centre to go to Wunderbar (got to love the name) for lunch and get a few things for the trip. Then, delightfully it was off to catch an overnight bus to Quito at 8. 11 hours on a darkened bus with truly terrible films playing at full volume in Spanish is not the nest way to get to sleep I can promise you!

Still, arrived in one piece if a little cramped and went to the haven of all travellers, a 24 hour cafe where we loaded up on breakfast before we thought it was a decent time to call our Quito families who were going to be staying with. Went back with Jack, Matt, Lou and Bel to their house for a while before finally getting through to Lorena and arranging to stay with here. She was so excited to see us and I was slightly mollified to realise that we could hold complete coversations in Spanish this time whereas in our first week we just sat in silence. Progress may be slow but it's definitely there!

Persuaded her to come out with us that night as well as the other student she had living with her (Aaron from Portsmouth) who refused point blank to salsa - something you really have to get over to live here!

Still, nice to be back in Quito again which feels like coming home albeit for only one day. Off tomorrow to Mindo!


7th April 2007

Well we've just been on holiday too!
Yes, it's me again. Well at least we've been down a cave on our holiday. Not quite as exciting as zip wiring, donut eating or was that rafting??? I'll just to sky dive again to keep up with you.
17th April 2007

pretty sunset
Hi Kat - love that photo of the sunset. Very pretty. Hope to hear from you again soon. Love wahid

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