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January 2nd 2007
Published: February 10th 2007
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Arriving back in Quito to take more Spanish lessons me and Sheir had the opportunity to climb Pichincha Mountain. You take a cable car half way up and then walk the rest of the way and it affords some excellent views of Quito and its interesting landscape which happens to be dominated by threatening volcanoes all around.
It takes about and hour or so to make it to the top and as we did the mist started to roll in and the temperature dropped quite a lot but on the way back it was all Sun so a great afternoon.

Chiva Bus
Normally going to the Pub nailing down a few pints with an update of what your mates have been up to is all that is required to kick start the night into action. Not so in Quito, they stick you on a bus and drive you around while you and your Amigos duck power lines and low branches while trying to hold on to your drink and not knock it all over the Brass band your sharing the tiny space on the roof with.
So after driving round in circles in Quito main town for a while we headed over to Old Town, a beautiful world heritage site of old Spanish style buildings more akin to Europe than South America. Here everyone danced in the main square and two people were honored as King and Queen of this bizarre alcohol fueled night.
Then we headed to a local Bar while on the way the local children were kind enough to relieve Bobby of his Digital Camera. That aside it was a great night but the local drink gives one almighty hangover.

Ecuador Vs Sweden
My first ever football match in the heart of Quito town here you can satisfy yourself with as much cheap alcohol as you like and there’s plenty of food and atmosphere to go around. We didn’t really pay much attention to the game as we were to busy enjoying ourselves but every now and again the crowd would break into a unanimous chant “son of a bitch!” when some local player was fouled. The final score in the end was one all and we suffered a bit of rain but the local venders come prepared with plastic sheets to cover you. I had constant reminders from my Ecuadorian friends that Ecuador nearly
Chiva BusChiva BusChiva Bus

Our method of transport and a total breach of health and safety requirements
beat England until Beckam saved our asses to which I replied “so you lost then”.
The Gang were me, Miriam, Both Pablo’s, Bobby, Danny, Laurence, Andrea, Carla, Giovanna and lots of other a Volunteers so a really good mix of local and foreign.
After which we headed for a Curry for around two pound and went for a few after party drinks round Carla’s place which is a volunteers Hostel.

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Cable Car UpCable Car Up
Cable Car Up

Quito in the background
Ximena and her friendXimena and her friend
Ximena and her friend

The one on the left is my Spanish!

Having a Brass band play while getting drunk on top of a Bus travelling through Quito is kinda surreal

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