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August 7th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

today we went to the colonial center and went into to 2 churches. they were beautiful but i forgot their names like always and my camera!!!! then we got to have a free day. yosemarie, karla, adam and i chose to go to the equator because when will we get a chance to do that again and we werent doing it with our group which was a shame. it was awesome and we were so glad we went. it is 45 minutes away by taxi and it was 28.00 split amongst the 4 of us.

they did experiments and the equator is the only place where u can stick an egg on a nail and it balance. i did it and i got a certifacate that i almost forgot in the bookstore. then they showed us water going down in a sink. on the equator...the water just goes straight down without turning...in the norther hemi, the water is counterclockwise and in the southern the water goes clockwise. it was truely amazing. then they told us that u are 1kg lighter on the equator. i told adam...quick take a picture and get me a scale catch me at my best!!!! also u are alot weaker too on the equator. if someone tries to push your hands down on the equator and u try to resist it is impossible!!!

we didnt get back until 7pm. i am soooo excited to come home. tomorrow we have our final and i am at the point where i really dont care. we havent really done that much in the past 1 week but we are having another test. i finished my papers and my journal which is a realife...but we still have a spanish oral presentation and an oral interview with the professor...yah my favorite...not....well we are going to get some cena before it gets to late.

love ya and miss ya...only 1 more day!!!! yahhhhh


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