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April 6th 2011
Published: April 6th 2011
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Hola Amigos!

Enjoy a few more photos and hear more encounters of a silly kind from the Enchanted Isles:

On our side trip to these Enchanted Islands we became slightly addicted to Magnum Ice Creams - a day didn´t go by without our mouths chomping on one! We'll blame it on the Irish couple who were on our boat with us! We chatted about how devastating it is when a large piece of choclate breaks away and falls (seemingly in slow motion) to the ground - The solution to this catastrophic outcome is to sit down on the beach front with your legs together, this prevents any chocolate from escaping consumption!

Hay mucho sol en las islas! (There is lots of sun in these islands!)
By the end of the trip all we wanted to do was to sit in the shade and do very little (i.e, nothing) but instead we rented bikes! It all sounded great in theory, however, the temperature was equal to that of the surface of the Sun! Off we went anyway with 5 litres of water each (equivalent to a century of rainfall on the islands) and started peddling. It all began very
The Cerro Negra craterThe Cerro Negra craterThe Cerro Negra crater

One of Isla Isabela´s five volcanoes. This crater is 10km across!
well on a long down hill stretch, but we almost melted as we pushed our way up a steep gravel track. After a few hours we didn´t want to earn a Darwin award on Darwin's islands so we flagged a cab to give us a ride the last few miles - the survival of the most adaptable, right!

Hay lugares en donde usted quedan, y hay lugares que quedan en usted.
(There are places where you remain, and there are places that remain in you).
Hasta luego (see you later), Dave y Theresa.

! ! My attempt at making a tortoise using the keypad! (D)

Additional photos below
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A rather pleasant beachA rather pleasant beach
A rather pleasant beach

On Isla Bartolome.
Marine iguanas.Marine iguanas.
Marine iguanas.

This stretch of coast was covered in hundreds of these amazing iguanas.
Los pinguinos Los pinguinos
Los pinguinos

The Galapagos penguins are the only penguin species that can be spotted in the northern hemisphere.
Bahia TortugaBahia Tortuga
Bahia Tortuga

Not an unattractive beach if we may say so!
Cactus forestCactus forest
Cactus forest

On Santa Cruz Island.
Lava TunnelLava Tunnel
Lava Tunnel

A two kilometre long lava tunnel on Santa Cruz Island.
Meeting MiguelMeeting Miguel
Meeting Miguel

Miguel spent 77 days stranded/drifting in his fishing boat. I bought his book.
Young yellow crested heron.Young yellow crested heron.
Young yellow crested heron.

The reason a heron stands with one leg up in the air is because if it tried to stand with both legs up in the air - it would fall over.
The Blue footed boobyThe Blue footed booby
The Blue footed booby

This is one of the most famous birds in the island group. Not too commonly seen though.

7th April 2011

very interesting (Hast luego) MOM
7th April 2011

I seriously empathize with your chocolate without chocolate is like a beach without water!! And speaking of beaches,who is that beautiful babe sitting so demurely on the beach on Isla Bartolome? Wow...keep living the dream guys!! P.S. The Darwinian reference was hilarious! Light and love...M
7th April 2011

Great stuff!
Great stuff! Keep it coming.... bob
7th April 2011

Great photos!
Excellent pictures and commentary Theresa! And thanks for giving me the heads up on Magnums. I'm now addicted to them too, and eagerly await my next one once I leave this internet cafe in Puerto Ayora.
7th April 2011
Young yellow crested heron.

That's funny!!!
The old ones are always the best!!!
7th April 2011

Great blog- It was funny, and the pictures are breath taking! I would love to visit the Galapagos one day- especially after hearing about this ice cream!
7th April 2011

Hey Eric! My favourite is the Magnum Chocolate Intensivo!!!!!! Gotta try it! Or you will not feel complete.
7th April 2011

Hey Marcy!
Thanks! Babe!

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