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January 24th 2019
Published: January 23rd 2019
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The collection of islands lie 1000km or 600m off the coast of Ecuador.
I am struggling to find words to describe our Galapagos experience.

It is something we have wanted to do for many years; now it is over but we have unforgettable memories.

After months of research we decided on a "10 day" cruise aboard Yolita 2.

!0 days is really 8 days and 7 nights aboard! The rest is getting to and from the islands.

Our guide, Omar Medina, was absolutely superb. He was with us every minute of every day. He guided snorkelling and land based activities. In the evenings, he provided additional information and showed brief videos to enhance our experience. He made a video of our 7 days aboard and provided us with a copy.

If you look at the agenda for one of the days you'll see not much time was wasted.

Typically we sailed to a new destination each night then spent the full day there.

Lots of photos...I had to cut out so many more!

Additional photos below
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Landing on BaltraLanding on Baltra
Landing on Baltra

In the harbour, the boats await. Cruises are planned to minimize the number of boats at various anchorages at any one time.
Our itineraryOur itinerary
Our itinerary

Concentrated in the central and southern islands.
Ready to snorkel.Ready to snorkel.
Ready to snorkel.

Although the water was warm, the shorty suits added buoyancy, protection from the occasional jellyfish and kept up our body temp. when we had as many as 3 snorkel sessions per day.
Galapagos sea lionGalapagos sea lion
Galapagos sea lion

The clear stars of the underwater experience! One nudged me in the back to get my attention. Omar gets the credit for the underwater pics.
Sea starSea star
Sea star

We saw a variety of these beautiful creatures.
Green sea turtleGreen sea turtle
Green sea turtle

And friends.
So many fish!So many fish!
So many fish!

Very little coral, but lots of other attractions to admire.
Hog fishHog fish
Hog fish

Omar did his best to identify the many types of fish we came across.
White tipped shark.White tipped shark.
White tipped shark.

Fortunately, not the least interested in nibbling on a snorkeller.

Quite a handsome one at that.
Daily itineraryDaily itinerary
Daily itinerary

The white board was updated each evening, encouraging a good night's sleep to prepare! We were very glad to have not postponed this trip any further.
Omar MedinaOmar Medina
Omar Medina

A native of Santa Cruz, Galapagos; he taught us so much about the geology, history and the nature of the islands.
Yolita 2Yolita 2
Yolita 2

Our home for the 8 day tour. Here loading the dinghies for another excursion.
Frigate birdsFrigate birds
Frigate birds

Hitching a ride aboard Yolita.
On the moveOn the move
On the move

A very comfortable sitting area on the upper deck. There were 15 guests and 7 crew aboard.
Anchored off Santa Cruz.Anchored off Santa Cruz.
Anchored off Santa Cruz.

One of many picturesque anchorages.
Post Office BayPost Office Bay
Post Office Bay

"Mailing" a postcard here has been a tradition since the whaling days of past centuries. We left 2 and took 3 to be mailed when we get back to Canada.
Waiting for the ferry?Waiting for the ferry?
Waiting for the ferry?

These sea lions know that the benches at the Puerto Ayora dock are more comfortable than the rocks.
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz.Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz.
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz.

The picturesque little town of 30 000 and home of the excellent Darwin Research Centre.
Fish MarketFish Market
Fish Market

Consisting of one bench and haunted by Pepe the sea lion, pelicans and frigate birds all looking for a handout.

23rd January 2019

What a Trip!
Just fabulous blog of your Galapagos trip. In the footsteps(or wake if you prefer) of Darwin
23rd January 2019

So nice to see all of your pictures - I am thinking this would be rated as a 10 of all your adventures - Nice to have seen your knowledgeable Guide OMAR MEDINA -
23rd January 2019

A perfect day for me to receive the amazing photos...just shovelled wet wet snow...!!! Soak the beauty of the natural environment in....look forward to seeing all photos when you return..
24th January 2019
Galapagos beach

yes, the mummified iguana is very interesting ! What a great adventure you'e having !
24th January 2019

You are right about the Galapagos. Spectacular. I have a good story about Post Office Bay that I will share with you when you return. Just returned from Belize to -40c temps.

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