Blogs from South Plaza Island, Galápagos, Ecuador, South America


Today was the day Kirsten has been most looking forward to and Chester has been dreading. Diving day!!! Kirsten loves to dive and Chester tolerates it in exchange of making Kirsten go to a soccer game when we get home. The day started like most others with breakfast, and then we headed to the dive shop. The dive company was very efficient and organized which is not always the case in some countries. We met our other diver partners and good news there was only 6 of us diving. Large group diving is not fun. We started with introductions and an overview in the office. Then as it seems with everything here, we loaded into trucks and drove 45 min to the dock. This is the same dock we were at yesterday and the same we ... read more

Waking up in paradise is always an eventful morning. We were up and ready to go by our 7:30 pick-up time for a day of snorkeling and hiking. As it always happens to us when we are in a big tour, we were the first ones picked up by the bus, with many stops after picking up 10 other people. The last group to get picked up were at least 15 minutes late to board the bus, and then when they finally showed up they were four hot, skinny bitches and one old lady. It just gave us more reason to hate the last group. At least in the Galapagos, we were able to limit our excursions to a smaller group of under 16 people We are too old and just can’t handle the large group ... read more
Land Iquana
Sea Wolves

Another amazing day today! We had a bit more of a sleep in today as we werent getting picked up till 8am! I am starting to get used to these early starts! Not that I am really functioning much better! Thankfully we just have to get up and put clothes on then go sit on a bus and then boat for a few hours! We woke up and opened the curtains to a gorgeous morning! Clear skies and sunny! Wahhoo! Good start! Up we got, had breakie down in the restaurant and waited out the front for our pick up. There was about 7 people from our tour yesterday so that was nice cos we all knew each other, and a few other older ladies. We had a 50 min drive on the bus to get ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » South Plaza Island August 14th 2012

We got up early this morning, ate breakfast, and then had the emergency drill. We then landed on South Plaza Island South Plaza Island This skinny Island had beautiful red and green plants growing on it, sort of like our ice plants back home. There were lots of Sea Lions here, too. The Galapagos Sea Lion originally came from the California Sea Lion, but it is now considered endemic. We saw many Swallow Tailed Gulls, the only nocturnal gull in the world. It has a bright red ring around its eye, so it is very distinctive. There were Marine Iguanas everywhere, but we also got to see our first glimpses of Land Iguanas. There were many birds flying about- Brown Pelicans, Tropic birds, and more Frigatebirds. We even saw a Frigatebird catch another small bird and ... read more
Female Galapagos Finch
Swallow Tailed Gull
Sea Lion

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