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March 6th 2009
Published: March 19th 2009
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Boobies Boobies Boobies

A blue footed booby - no really, that is what it is called.

Last Days in paradise

It´s funny how you become accustomed to seeing amazing sights, beatiful beaches, approachable animals (ok some of them were worried about their pensions and jobs so were a little skittish). So we went to James bay to red sand beaches, flamingoes and some other yokes, but I can´t remember the other yoket. It was probably more iguanas, yep that must be it. Prior to that we´d seen penguins (who started to get it on just after we passed - it must be a theme or something), seals, sharks and big frigate birds, who remined me of the vultures in the jungle book (you know the ones pretending to be the beatles).

Oh yeah and I´d also been goaded in to jumping off the roof of the top deck of the boat by a 12 year old boy. Scared ? Absolutely - it was high, but you can´t resist being goaded, now can you ?

For our last day on the islandwe went off looking for turtles.
It seemed like the right thing to do.

We even found some, though they were in the water and we were on a dinghy, ao

Pick up a penguin
they might just have been rocks. No seriously, we saw a good few of them, so our list was complete and we could finally leave the islands.

And so off back to Quito for us for a few days and it turne dout to be a lot better than we thought. We staying in a lovely hotel and ate and drank very well. Most nights there was Copa Libertadores football on telly. One night we went to a salsa bar and despite not knowing the remotest details of any steps decided to show the locals how it was done. We did get a few positive comments, but that was either areflection of our enthusiasm or good old fashioned sneering, who knows ?

We also found the time to engage a local taxi driver for the day to take us on a tour up to an Indian market town called Otevalo, plus a volcano and some wonderful old churches. The man himself was so nice, but could speak no English, but between my basic Spanish and hand gestures was understood everything and it was great way to spend a day.

Next stop Peru

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