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November 13th 2009
Published: November 13th 2009
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Frigate birdFrigate birdFrigate bird

sporting a red pouch
Islas De Galapagoa, Isla San Crirstòbal, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno,

Huge volcanic sub-marine eruptions take place pushing boiling hot lava out into the realm of unsuspected marine life, fish getting barbequed on the spot, crabs and anemones burried under the onslaught of the lava gliding across the sea bed leaving behind death and destruction, teutonic plates deep inside the earth's crust shift adding more mayhem and anhihilation to the ever continueing cycle of sea life...

While enormous quantities of rain torment the sea'a surface, bright flahes of lighning splitting the dark night's sky, high and powerfull waves rolling away from the emerging lava, the first small cones are visible of what will eventually be the volcanoes that are the nowaday barren and rocky island of Las Islas De Galapagos, stretched over an inmense fast fifty thousand square miles of oceans.

Still many years of hardening lava, millions of years but in the wink of an eye in earth's national history before the first ihabitants will arrive, seeds and organic matter carried by the wind or stuck to the feet of gulls, animals floating for weeks on flotsamer or a soaked palm trunk, taking possession of a new natural
Lobo de MarLobo de MarLobo de Mar

in the Galapagos Islands
kingdom, over the course of many generations adapting to the islands demands and eventually becoming completely new species, endemic and unique!!!

We have been on another overnight cruise, from Isla Santa Fe to Isla San Cristobàl, rough seas and only minimal interest in the islands' unique wildlife, motivated travel plans in comfortable Quito, travel intinaries made while both feet are planted steadily on the earth instead of a wobbly ship's deck, have convinced our two young American student couples to leave the boat and arrange a private plane back to Quito...The first thing the crew had to do this morning was clean up all the green already half dried vomit from last night's crossing covering the ship head to toe, admiting a foul smell and forcing me, Aino and the crew to have breakfast on top of the boat...

Today's excursion will be to Frigatebird Hill where we'll see the male frigate birds occupying patches in the foliage, sporting big brightly red colored pouches to overflying females hoping for s*x, procreation and their very own chance of partaking in the continuation of their particular species, for any one species its only way to inmortality!!!

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Marine iguanaMarine iguana
Marine iguana

sneaking up ???

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