Day 54 - Genovesa Island - Darwin Bay - Prince Phillip's Steps

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November 27th 2018
Published: December 4th 2018
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Regular schedule is 07:00 breakfast and out today at 07:30. Overnight we had navigated to Genovesa Island and we were anchored in Darwin Bay. At 08:00 we did our first wet-landing which means we arrive at a beach and then jump off the zodiac boat which is an inflatable motor boat into the water and walk onto the beach, carrying our shoes. Here we saw a lot of wildlife close-up, sea lions, petrels, red footed boobies and other birdlife. This walk was about 60 minutes and we then returned to the boat for a drink and snacks before going for our first snorkeling adventure.

Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble taking in too much sea-water as the sea was quite choppy in the area we were snorkeling in. The other times I have snorkeled were in much calmer waters. So I lasted about 10 minutes before deciding I had had enough and returned to the zodiac, which was rocking and rolling so much that I got sea-sick. After about 40 minutes everybody returned to the zodiac and I threw up over the side of the boat, so not a great experience for me.

Back on board we had a delicious lunch and a dry landing onto another part of Genovesa Island called Prince Phillip’s Steps as this is where he landed on the island. This area was Blue-footed boobies Honeymoon Hotel as there were lots of honey-mooners, as Fabian described them.

After about 60 minutes we returned to the boat and got ready for the second session of snorkeling which I opted out of, but Daisy had a great time with lots of penguins coming out to play with the snorkelers.

Back on board we had our regular briefing for the next day and more good food and conversation for dinner.

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