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December 17th 2010
Published: December 23rd 2010
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sealion and fur seal
More walking, snorkelling and generally being awestruck by the beauty and wildlife...
The water is freezing which I didn't expect and on some of the beaches with really fine sand the visibility has been less than great but there are no complaints from this crew, even Wayne trying not to complain about seasickness - poor thing - wondered why he would book a cruise when standing on a jetty can make him feel queazy but he will tell you its totally worth it and he's coming back to do it again as soon as they build bridges from island to island.
Next day Post Office Bay on Floreana where we left postcards and picked one up to deliver to Mermaid Waters. We also explored a pirate cave (a lava tube that is deep and dark and cool under the island and if you go far enough in (we were the only ones in our group to go) there is freezing clear water. Then Punta Cormorant (no cormorants here, apparently misnamed for juvenile boobies that are brown and cormorant like) followed by the our last snorkel here in the islands around the Corona del Diablo or Devil's Crown. Really deep ocean, soooo many fish and a final playful sealion.
As we motored back to Puerta Ayora for our visit to the Darwin research institute and poor old Lonesome George we were farewelled by the largest pod of dolphins I have ever seen. So blessed.
Thank you Galapagos....hasta luego.

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tasha and sonia over the swirling ocean on a little rock bridge

nickyj leaping madly off the roof of the boat

our guide gino diving off head first

can you see why we love them?

nic has maddd camera skills eh?

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