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September 7th 2018
Published: September 10th 2018
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Overnight we travel for about 6 hours - the boat is quite noisy when we are under motor -and in the morning we are at Isla Espanola. We go ashore and discover this is where all the marine iguanas hang out. There are hundreds of them all sunning themselves on the rocks. And even more seals, a lot of cute baby ones too. Another highlight of the island are the waved albatross who are nesting. The chicks are huge and very fluffy. More lava lizards of all sorts of colours. Mockingbirds that wander between our feet. It really is astounding how little fear they have. Several times we have to stop and let the locals pass.

Freightor birds spot some dead fish and a fight breaks out with all of them swooping down trying to get it. I almost get dive bombed along the way.

There is an impressive blowhole, the coast is quite rugged on one side. The weather is overcast with a few showers and blustery. And then next minute very warm.

Near the end of the walk we spot a centipede and a couple of snakes as well as hawks nesting. There is so much to see, and around every corner more iguanas and lava lizards!

The first boat leaves back to the ship and a large sealion decided to take possession of the beach. Our young apprentice is chased back but Alexis fronts up and thrusts his shows in its face. The sealion lets out a cry of disgust and heads off quickly!

In the afternoon we find the lovely beach of Punta Suarez where we have a little wander on the golden sands and then go snorkeling. I get to try out my go-pro knockoff underwater camera which really is point and shot as it is almost impossible to see what is in the screen. The visiblity isn’t great and there aren’t a lot of fish but there is turtle, very close and very big!

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