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July 15th 2016
Published: July 16th 2016
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I spent a couple nights in Tena which is at the border of the Jungle, as you know me and insects, didn´t want to get too deep in there.ç

I asked for a 1 day tour just to see what the forest is like here, but Tena is not touristic at all so I ended up on my own with the guide which was nice. We grabbed the local bus in the morning and started walking with our rubber boots on, we walked through the secondary forest which consists of all the smaller vegetation and plantations, where we met a couple of locals living there, in the forest. They took us to their home for a break before the husband came to guide us through the primary forest, =the big trees and no paths. So here I was in the jungle with two men carrying really big knives, don´t worry mum, the knives were to create a path for me not to fall on my face. I did manage to fall on my bum just when the guide told me not to because the ants bite......YEP they bite, ouch!!! I mainly learnt about medicinal plants cause we are not deep enough to see crazy animals. We did see a poisonous snake (tiny but enough to make my guide jump backwards) they let me take a photo of it and then decapitated it so it wouldn´t follow us. phew!

My guide also made a little bag with the plants, very sweet !

When we left the jungle, we then took another bus to Misahualli which is a more touristic town, it is when the Napo River meets the Misahualli river so there is a beach and lots of monkeys in town.

On our way back, my guide offered to take me to a Karaoke with him and his friends, I could not miss out on this opportunity haha! The karaoke there is a bit different from back home. Everybody stays at their table to sing so you are there having a conversation with the people at your table and one of the guys singing his head off. Was great, I picked ABBA of course! can´t sing in spanish quite yet!

I have now arrived in Banos for a night, so I have this great internet in this very touristic town to post the photos I

jungle house
had promised.

Additional photos below
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camouflaged snake

me and my bag

Misalhualli monkeys

Napo river meets Misalhualli river

17th July 2016

What a nice bag!
Nice bag. I wonder how long it will last.... What did you put into it? Your snake? Love xx
17th July 2016

Laure of the Jungle
Hi Laure, really cool that you're keeping up with the blog. I finally found how to create an account to make commenting easier :-) I wish I was there to see your face when you saw all these big insects and the venomous snake, but I guess there were no bees so you were probably alright.
17th July 2016

Laure et ses phobies !!
Voilà une sacrée aventure effectivement, telle que je te connais ! Tu vas peut-être dépasser toutes ces phobies ?! En tout cas, tu sembles avoir été brave devant ce serpent ! Je ne sais même pas si j'aurais été capable de le photographier !! Reste bien prudente, cela va sans dire !!!! Tu cherches à me faire trembler, c'est un peu réussi ! :-) J'espère que tu as plus d'un tour dans ton sac pour braver tous les insectes ou toute espèce menaçante !! ;) Gros gros bisous
17th July 2016

Tentative de participation aux commentaires !!!
Julien m'aide en direct à m'inscrire son ton blog et à essayer de rentrer dans le club très fermé des geeks pour pouvoir faire des commentaires lisibles par tes followers !!!! A + Bisous
25th July 2016

looks like you had some monkey fun!
haha are they as intelligent and as good thieves as the ones in burma?!
25th July 2016

Monkey nice
Haha no Isa they were nice, they come for food but didn't cling on anyone's bag. Only on the heads of people who teased them ;)

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