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September 7th 2006
Published: September 7th 2006
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Hey folks, thanks for the comments! So i wrapped up my shivering and my Spanish lessons in Cuenca, and sadly said goodbye to my teacher. Caught a bus to Macas, and once again was just mesmerized by amazing scenery. Lush green, towering mountains, waterfalls, clouds at eye level. the first 6 out of a 9 hour bus ride flew by! Macas was a hole, as was Puyo, so i quickly headed up to Tena, the base f... Read Full Entry

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Squirrel monkeySquirrel monkey
Squirrel monkey

sooo cute, but i am told they bite hard

GORGEOUS bird. apparently hunted for their feathers for shaman's crowns

7th September 2006

As always, GORGEOUS pix. The toucan and the macaw look like National Geographic shots! I love the "residents" shot b/c the goat (that IS a goat, right?) looks like he's got butterfly wings growing out his back. ("Goat With Butterfly Wings"...nah, that wouldn't have made a very good song title.) And I love the ears on the ocelot!! The capybara would freak me the HELL out--reminds me too much of the rats here in the 'hood. "Problem monkeys" made me did the thought of how you would react to having your arm randomly swung from. It sounds like you're having a great time, though. I'm glad to hear it! I'll talk to you soon...
7th September 2006

Yeah, but...
Looks and sounds awesome! But do they have a Gyu-Kaku there? I think not!
7th September 2006

Tan, The pictures are lovely -- I'm sure you are in your glory with all the animals. However, this place does seem even more primative than the other places you have been visiting! I bet Holly and John will enjoy these pictures. Hope you have a Happy Birthday. Love, Mom
7th September 2006

Great Pic's Tan--
Tan-- Another very interesting blog. I'm glad that you are now sending pic's of birds and mammals. They are so much more interesting than the bugs! I tried to find the places you reported visiting in your last blog on our large map and was able to find Cuenca, Macas, Puyo and Tena. Could not find Amazoonica. I assume it is east of Tena? It sounds like a wonderful place but I don't think the sleeping arrangements would go well with my asthma. It is amazing that you feel so much better when you are out in the boonies! You pictures are fantastic! Send more! Where did you find the internet setup? I thought you didn't even have electricity in Amazoonia. Be safe-- Love, Dad
8th September 2006

This sounds like the place to be, Tanya! I want to go there! Maybe not to stay b/c no horses, but other than that, it sounds awesome. :-) And, it sounds like you've really found your fun place. It's beautiful! Thanks for writing...I love reading about what you're up to!
8th September 2006

in awe!
ok. Those monkeys are precious. I am soooo jealous. All those photos are amazing, but you know how we are about critters. The scenery with all the clouds is gorgeous, too. Thanks for sharing. I hope you can stay there a bit longer. That place sounds perfect.
15th September 2006

thanks again!
Tana, I continue to enjoy reading of your travels and experiences, and love the photos. This is the first blog i have ever read and i am enjoying keeping up with you and vicariously visiting all these beautiful and interesting places, hearing of the people and their lives in SA, and seeing all the gorgeous scenery. Thanks for taking time to update. Jane

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