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South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli June 4th 2008

Having left the jungle, we took a bus from Lago Agrio to a town called Tena arriving in the middle of the night, around 3 am on the 1st of June. Not having a clue where to go, we jumped into a taxi and asked him to take us to a hotel nearby which luckily turned out to be a nice place. The next day we went to a nearby jungle town Misahualli, hoping to check out a Mariposario -Butterfly Farm. Unfortunately it was closed, but we are glad we went anyway as we got to see the Cappuccino Monkeys who rule the main square of the town. Apparently they have been living in the trees there ever since some time in the 80s when this pet monkey escaped. The owner got himself a female monkey ... read more
Misahualli, the square where the monkeys rule...

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli March 24th 2008

I headed out of town today, to a small place called Misahualli. It was a alright place but a bit small for my liking! I sat on the beach on the side of the river for a while and watched the monkeys. In the afternoon I caught a bus and headed to a waterfall. It was really cool as you had to walk through some rainforest for about an hour and then you reached the waterfall. It wasn't massive but very beautiful. Here are my pictures. ... read more
waterfall 2

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli April 9th 2007

Hi all One of the reasons for us visiting ecuador was to visit the Amazon. After trying unsuccesfully to book a tour we headed to a small town called Misahualli in the hope of finally getting a tour. The small town of Misahualli is also famous for a group of monkeys that live in the town square. Many people have told us that the monkeys are crazy and real trouble makers however we had to see for ourselves. When we got to the town it was really hot and on sitting down to have lunch we were joined by 2 monkeys who lay out on the tile floor of resturant to cool down while the owner finally got one out the other would run in and lie down cooling itself. This provided much amusement for ... read more
Attack of the monkeys
A lot of monkeys
Stolen glasses

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli August 7th 2006

La conscience environementale = mot inconnue Dans la bus ou a pied, on voit des choses vraiment pas beau a voir: - Ta une pancarte dans un parc qui est marque : Pas jeter de dechet, amande 5000$. Tu regarde a cote, c;est juste sa que tu voie. - Tu te promene dans la rue, tu voie le monde finir n;importe quoi que se soit et le jeter a terre apres. - Tu fini une bouteille de coke, tu fais quoi? Tu la jete par la fenetre. - Tu ouvre un sac de chip, il en reste pu, tu fait quoi? Tu le jete par la fenetre. - Tu fini une bouteille d;eau, mais la fenetre est trop loin, tu fais quoi? Tu fais le relais pour qu;un autre puisse la jeter pas la fenetre!!! ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli August 7th 2006

Que dire sur se magnifique bout de terre la... maudit que c;est dense!! Sa resemble un peu a nos forest: en beaucoup plus dense, pas les memes arbres, pas les memes plantes, pas les memes insectes, plus chaud, plus humide, ta aucune chance de marcher si tu suis pas le sentier, aucune plaine, beaucoup de colines et ya des fourmies qui goute le citron! Dans le fond, sa resemble pas a nos forest mais pas du tout. C;est tres trippant de voir la diversite que nous avons pas au quebec. Gabriel et moi avons essayer les ;;corde a Tarzan;;, wow, sa tiens pour vrai, c;est surprend de voir des ;;cordes;; en bois qui supporte ton poid. Le guide nous a fait manger des fourmies qui goutaient le citron. T:en prennais une ou deux et sa goutait ... read more
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Jungle #3
Jungle #4

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