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South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli February 27th 2011

Hello altogether, By now, I think it is time for my first entry into this blog. Particularly because I can only be online once a week, twice if I’m lucky. After hanging out in Quito for a while, which was pretty chilly (only 8 Degrees at times), we ventured 5 hours into the country (towards Brazil), crossed the Andes, and arrived in our temporary home: The Suchipakari Lodge, an hour away from Tena. The Lodge is pretty cool, lots of colours, flowers, hammocks and nothing but jungle around you. On the downside this remoteness means that there is no landline, mobile phone signal and the only way to get into town is to hitch a ride on a pick up truck into town. Rather adventurous! When we got here, there was a group of guests in ... read more
Photo 13
Jana and Tina
Photo 15

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli January 8th 2011

VOLUNTEER WEEK The day starts off with usually eggs and rolls, although one morning we had cold potato chips. At 8:00am we board the dugout canoe and take a pleasant 15 minute ride to our location of Puka Urku – the village we will be working in. Our mission for the week was to build bathrooms for the villages houses. DAY ONE: My job this morning was Education. When we arrived we were given toothbrushes with the students’ names on them. We were to call out the names and give it to the corresponding student. Then we moved outside to the running tap (this ran all day long because their previous water supply was broken) with toothpaste and the students brushed their teeth. We were told by Enga that when VESA people arrive this is the ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli November 28th 2010

Hey Everyone, Here is the first group of pictures from when we left Quito on Nov 14th! :) Love, Randi and Quinn ps... its going slow so it may take a lot of separate down loads.... but you will see everything before wed! xo... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli November 23rd 2010

Hey Everyone, We just wanted to let you all know that the amazon was absolutly amazing!!!!!! We will be posting pics within a couple days and we will give little comments so you know what your looking at!!! Right know we are in Banos, a beatiful litttle town beside a volcano and waterfall..... we will send pics of here too!!! We Will be in touch soon, missing everyone!! Love you, Randi and Quinn PS.... LETS GO RIDERS... of course they will win now that we are gone... knock on wood!... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli November 19th 2009

We left Papallacta in the direction of Tena. We had had enough of mountains and high altitude, as I (Ram) realised that my lungs cannot really aclimatize to the altitude. We thought that a change in direction and a detour of the Andes via Tena and then to continue back up to Baños would be a good idea. Liz didn’t resist even though she really wanted to take the horse ride trip around Cotapaxi. We thought that maybe from Baños we hop to Cotapaxi later. When we arrived in Tena we met Stephanie, a Swiss girl, who joined us at the hostal we stayed and later on became our trip partner for about 2 weeks. As Ram primarily prefer to do trips without a guide he was happy to find a routes map in the hostal ... read more
View from the canoe
I call this a jungle
They don't really have doors or windows

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli June 16th 2009

Partenza venerdí per Tena e poi Misahuallí (finalmente, anche se per poco). Caldo, sudore, scimmie, vegetazione, uccelli, farfalle e .... il fiume (i fiumi) Camminata nella giungla, barca sul rio Napo (di qui in meno di 15 giorni si arriva a Iquitos, rio amazonas!), solo (almeno per un po') ai piedi di una cascata nella selva. Belle chiacchierate! Hasta pronto Amazonía ... read more
marn 003
marn 031
marn 033

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli August 29th 2008

Ola everyone!! Just got back from spending a few days in the Amazon Jungle which was so much fun (even if it was really hot and I got seriously mugged by mozzies and sandflies!). After leaving Banos in Ecuador, we headed up to Misahualli and checked into the "pink elephant" which is a ugly hotel that's painted hot pink! There's nothing to do in Misahualli except swim in the river and watch the monkeys steal your water or icecream and then race up the tree while trying to fend off the other monkeys who also want some as well! The next day, we took a motorised canoe to where were started our 4 hour hike through the Amazon. While I had great fun splashing and sloshing in the mud (it had rained heavily the night before ... read more
Deep in the Jungle (somewhere)
Trees for the monkeys

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli June 16th 2008

Well, who would of thought, rain in the rainforest! We got absolutely soaked during our three night, two day stay near Misahualli in the Amazon jungle. We still made the most of the experience and were pleased for the wellies and poncho´s we were given when we arrived. I still managed to get covered in mud though and am not sure if my clothes will recover. We saw a few animals and bugs that were silly enough to come our from hiding but sadly the monkey´s still eluded me (although there are a gang which live in the town). We enjoyed hikes through a secondary and primary rain forest as well as a motorised canoe ride along the Napo river. Luckily our guide didn´t tell us until afterwards that a man was killed last week by ... read more
Wood carving
The painter
Spider monekys

South America » Ecuador » East » Misahualli June 13th 2008

Misahualli is pleasantly located at the congruence of the rivers Misahualli and Napo and is a gateway to Amazonia. From this sleepy, 700-soul village one can go on hikes into the jungle, on boat trips on the Napo river, visit jungle lodges or even take a 12-day boat trip down to Iquitos in Peru. If I had endless time I would be very much tempted to do it...But alas, it is not so... I stayed in the pleasant hostal France Amazonia, with flowers everywhere, a swimming pool, my cabaña facing the river and a resting area with hammocks and sand. The first morning I went down to the central place in the village. Capuccino monkeys were jumping all around it. A local guy quickly warned me of the monkeys who try to steal anything from people ... read more
The hostal pool
Rio Napo
In the boat

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