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March 4th 2019
Published: March 8th 2019
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As I write this blog entry I'm recovering from cataract surgery (right eye), staying with friends near Quito. I am trying to limit my screen time to rest my eye which is my way of telling you that this entry is likely to be more photos than text so be sure to scroll all the way to the end for a more in-depth pictoral tour. Fortunately, I had chosen, edited and uploaded the photos for this entry be... Read Full Entry

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Morning Milk DeliveryMorning Milk Delivery
Morning Milk Delivery

A rough and rocky drive up to the cheese factory above Black Sheep Inn.
Vat O' MilkVat O' Milk
Vat O' Milk

Mixing rennet into the freshly delivered milk to start the cheese-making process.
Tigua ArtistTigua Artist
Tigua Artist

This community is famous for its primitive artistic style (Art Naif) often depicting daily scenes and scenery and traditional legendys.
Tigua Artisan CommunityTigua Artisan Community
Tigua Artisan Community

Traditional masks in Tigua on the Quilotoa Loop.
Mama Tungurahua Peeking OutMama Tungurahua Peeking Out
Mama Tungurahua Peeking Out

This is the view on the hillside walk I take daily with CiCi. I am blessed to be surrounded by breathtaking nature scenes!
El Salado Thermal BathsEl Salado Thermal Baths
El Salado Thermal Baths

The mineral hot springs located a 5 minute walk above my house!!
Bellavista above BañosBellavista above Baños
Bellavista above Baños

Tovah and Max braved the uphill hike to the Bellavista overlook. Baños fills the valley below.
Tarabita Cable CarTarabita Cable Car
Tarabita Cable Car

Flying over the Pastaza River near Manto de Novia Falls.
Puyo Gift ShopPuyo Gift Shop
Puyo Gift Shop

Fake Fruit Department
The Emperor´s CaneThe Emperor´s Cane
The Emperor´s Cane

Bastón del Emperador is sometimes called the jungle rose. It's in the torch ginger family.

When I first learned what this flower was called I used "helicopter" as a mnemonic device. It looks like it could take off any minute!
Bromelia BlossomBromelia Blossom
Bromelia Blossom

The overgrown cousin of an orchid....
Bird of ParadiseBird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise

...a smaller model.
Waxy BromeliadWaxy Bromeliad
Waxy Bromeliad

stunning starburst
Heliconia BudHeliconia Bud
Heliconia Bud

getting ready to unfold her beauty...
Bromeliad BeautyBromeliad Beauty
Bromeliad Beauty

So many varieties
Pink AnthuriumPink Anthurium
Pink Anthurium

waxy beauty
Flowers within a FlowerFlowers within a Flower
Flowers within a Flower

I had never seen this majestic baton before!
Firecracker FlowerFirecracker Flower
Firecracker Flower

Garden full of beauty!
Pink Man-equin!Pink Man-equin!
Pink Man-equin!

Looks like a male mannequin head with a woman's torso ... whatever!
In Pelileo...In Pelileo...
In Pelileo...

...the blue jeans capitol of Ecuador, half-body mannequins display the many pants options!

9th March 2019

River rafting on rapids?!??! Holy crap! Brave!!!! Glad to see you're doing well and your time with Tova +1 was fun! I seriously don't know how you don't tire of all the driving and schlepping people around to all these sites you've seen so many times! I totally get how family is an exception for excitement. Happy that you enjoyed staying in your spare bed!
9th March 2019

Go Orange
Hi Jill. So I noticed the Syracuse ballcap Max and just wanted to give him a shout out for his taste in stylish headgear!

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