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April 4th 2007
Published: April 4th 2007
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Had a crap day travelling back to Quito at six in the morning and then went onto Latacunga which, in the nicest way possible, was an absolutley hellish place which I never want to see again. The hostal was rather dubious and we made full use of our sleeping bag liners for the first time since arriving as the beds were rather iffy. Bel and I even got followed back from the bank by some guy so we had to duck into a shop selling piñatas to avoid him. He stopped in the shop in front which was soooo not subtle so we crossed the road and dashed back to the safety of the hostal.

However, nice drive to Quilotoa in the early afternoon to arrive in the mist with no-one around. Wandered through the arch and into the village (which consists of no more than twenty families all Quichua) and found a hostal. Ben and Ezim were on their way back up from Baños and agreed to meet us there so we got a lodge for the nine of us with a wood burning stove (trust me - it was needed as were the seven blankets on each bed!)

Met Ben and Ez and then meandered up to the viewing point to see the Laguna (or what we could of it through the mist). People were setting up stalls the second we got there so we did the only thing we could and all got matching sets of llama wool gloves and hats (again - really did need them). Went back to the lodge in order to attempt to make a fire. I don't know why the others thought I was getting possessive of it - I thought I did a pretty good job in the end despite the matches that broke the second you lit them. I ended up burning half my nail off!

We went to dinner in the main building where we met a very talkative woman from Arizona who was, in her own words, 'touring the world on the SS Social Security'. Very nice too although I doubt English pensions would enable you to do that! Retreated to the lodge where we spent the evening chilling and toasting marshmallows over our beautiful fire (you can tell I'm very proud of it can't you?!) Went to bed reasonably early as someone had the
Chopping woodChopping woodChopping wood

We made the boys do it as it was too cold!
bright idea of being up for sunrise!

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13th April 2007

'I'm a pink marshmallow, you're a white marshmallow.....
Dear Kat At least I can see proof of your firsmaking skills. I knew all that early training in arson would prove useful eventually.
17th April 2007

sunny Ecuador?
It all looks a bit chilly there - are you sure you're near the equator??!!

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