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January 22nd 2015
Published: June 16th 2017
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This entry is out of order but we have so many happy memories of Medellín I didn't want to forget any.

It's the quirky things that keep you coming. Like no hot water at bathroom sinks. So far the showers have had hot, but here in Medellin the kitchen sink has only one knob-- cold. So you wash the dishes in cold water. Even at the hair dressers my hair was washed in cold water--- now that's refreshing!Or the airline that advertises 24 hours to change your ticket but really means til close of business That little job took 4 days and 1400 hours on hold. It's touring in a van with literally 3" of leg space -- your feet have to go sideways unless you're a ballerina and can stand them on their toes. But they're minor annoyances and become part of daily life quickly.

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Typical paisa architectureTypical paisa architecture
Typical paisa architecture

Paisanos are the people from this part of Colombia and this village was built to commerate their lifestyle and archetecture.
Taxis line up outside grocery store Taxis line up outside grocery store
Taxis line up outside grocery store

Few people have their own cars so on shopping day they bring groceries home in a taxi.

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