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March 22nd 2007
Published: August 9th 2007
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preparing for our trippreparing for our trippreparing for our trip

Taking photos in the living room rather than kitchen because it was too dirty... hopefully sonia's mum won't mind
After a extremly long sleep in and late breakfast Sonia, me, Jamie, Andrea, Andrea´s boyfriend and a carload of others set off for Villa de Leyva for the weekend. Sonia´s family set off earlier and we would meet them there later in the afternoon.

We arrived a tad late but stopped by a local hippodrome and besides my persistant requests to sonia asking if i could put some money on the races she told me that they don´t have gambling here and don´t be stupid....of course my horse won! but it was quite good to watch the horses seemed a bit young carry jockeys that seemed way too big but i think they only ran over 500 meters so i don´t think it was too much for the horses.

after setting our stuff down in the family house in the mountains which was absolutely awesome we set off to the town center and the main plaza where we drank aguadente and ate arripa (bad spelling). live music played and only asked for money like every few hours and wern´t annoyed if you gave nothing which is unusual for south america. the evening was definately up there with one of
road triproad triproad trip

road trip
the best of my vacation such great surrounds great friends and alcohol of course the (aguadiente does knock you around a tad).

The next day sonia showed us around the holiday house her family were building in the mountains... this was quite amazing her father lead the tour of the house which was strictly built out of antique furnishings. the stairs where restored and fit into their stairwell and her father told me they were over 200 years old, but everything doors handles windows the stairs everything had some history to it. the house also had an amazing view... i would love to see it when it was finished. It was really great to see sonias dad describe all the features of the house it reminded me of the dad off the movie the castle... well at least the spanish version of it.

later in the day we visited the town center and some handicraft markets we ate more traditional food i will have to get sonia to comment on this blog and tell me all the foods we tried. then we took an amaing horse ride into the country side...

i was a bit wary of
Andrea behind the wheelAndrea behind the wheelAndrea behind the wheel

driving through the streets of the villa de leyva
this horse ride as the person selling us the package was a 6 year old kid he even described a 5 hour horse ride we could do but we decided against it as it was 5pm and we probably only had an hour and a half of light left. but the ride we took (2 hours) was fantastic. (check out the photos ... up soon)

the last 15 minutes of the horse ride it bucket down with rain so we all were soaking wet and decided to spend the evening back at the house and had some of sonia´s "speacial" cocktails basically caprihina´s with different fruit ... i´m sure pineapple was in there sonia! yes very sweet but good.

the last night we went on walk up through a mountain pass which was really nice and some of the boys went for a swim but not me as i had no dry clothes left. and then on the way home we hit a nice handicraft market and sonia will tell me the name of the town later but really beautiful.

so mabey one of the best weekend i have had in long time it is almost a
At the racesAt the racesAt the races

Anight out at the races
shame that i am heading off to medellin and leaving sonia and her family behind.

Additional photos below
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the winning horsethe winning horse
the winning horse

i should have chucked a fifty on...
drinking aguadiente in the squaredrinking aguadiente in the square
drinking aguadiente in the square

drinking aguadiente in the square
holiday householiday house
holiday house

sonia's families amazing holiday house in the mountains
Dream homeDream home
Dream home

sonia's dad on the family house up in the mountains
random pic 1random pic 1
random pic 1

a church
random pic 2random pic 2
random pic 2

me n sonia
horse ridehorse ride
horse ride

our ride out to the lake
Don't Jump!!!Don't Jump!!!
Don't Jump!!!

sonia it's not worth it.

the view over the lake

the gangthe gang
the gang

the gang walking through the mountains

Raquira a small town famous for it's handicrafts
Raquira 2Raquira 2
Raquira 2

same town another photo

29th March 2007

lucky u
Sounds like you have had a wonderful holiday,looking forward to hearing all your stories at home soon!
30th March 2007

small colombian dictionary :)
hi Matt, some names is good remember back home ,: FOOD 1. "tamal" ( very good for breakfast , you like a lot), a fruit "lulo" other citric like pineapple great with caihpiriñas 3. Ajiaco, tipical soup with chicken 4. "aguardiente".. similar to sambuca??, but better of corss.. 5. Chicha ( is not so bad as matt say .. :s). And about the places we went to 1. Raquira little town full af tipical handicraft , 2. "pozos Azules" , 3.Usaquen ( little town in the middle of bogota),4. "zona rosa-t zone, the party neighborhood, and Villa de leyva who is know for been one of the most prettiest towns in Bogota :) .. ahh and our beloved " arepa" .. and finally when someone drink to much he is " borracho" and the next day he has "guayabo" (hangover). i hope my small contribution about the colombian culture will be usefull to this blog ;)... friends and family hear wish you good trip .. writte soon ..
30th March 2007

Mi name is.......
Hi dear Matt .. it was so great to meet you , even you dont remember my name (PILAR) and the name of the andrea´s boyfriend (Uriel),we miss you here and we hope you come back soon to show you some other ¨mountains ¨and ¨tree houses¨, and teach you how to dance vallenato, salsa, merengue, cumbia... big hugs Andrea , Pilar, Uriel y Andre Gu
31st March 2007

Wheres my Souvenir??
Hey Matt, Hows my Souvenir shopping going ? Well your missing nothing here, Manly are doing alright so far, so I cant bag you out about that...... YET. Camil's back to spain, spoke to Dan the other day. No bag incidents yet I hope?Keep having fun and say hi to the senoritas for me. Dave
31st March 2007

Sounds like a pretty ace weekend dude, sounds like heaps of fun. Can't wait to hear about it all when you get back

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