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November 5th 2011
Published: November 22nd 2011
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So, after an amazing couple of days at Tayrona national park, we returned to Taganga for another 2 nights in order to take it easy before starting Spanish school in Cartagena. We didn’t plan on doing a great deal whilst in Taganga again, and to be honest, that’s exactly what we did. Nothing.

By the time we got back from Tayrona, it was pretty dark, so we just decided to take a well-earned ‘indoor’ shower in our hostel, grab some food and take it easy. We were contemplating the 24 hour pizza place over the road from the Hostel as a potential place to eat. The fact that we had only seen this place open once during the whole time we had been in Taganga was now a bit of a running joke and therefore, we didn’t actually hold out much hope. True to form when looking across the road, it was shut! We assumed perhaps it was open 24 hours per week, and not per day.

The next morning it was scorching and so we decided to hit the beach that we had yet to visit in Taganga. It was a 20 minute or so walk over a cliff / hill consisting of a rather dubious man made path or a 2 minute boat ride from the dock to get there. We chose the hill.

After a bit of exercise and a lot of sweating we were glad we took the hill and not the boat, as the view of both Taganga that was now behind us as well as the new beach in front of us was rather pleasant. Being a Saturday, the beach was fairly packed mainly with locals, and although not the best beach we had seen so far, it was very nice, and was a great place to people watch, and catch up on reading the book I have had for some time now (Donna reads twice to three times faster than I do). Come Sunset, most of the boats had left, and we were two of only a handful of people left on the beach being the perfect end to such a nice and tranquil day. This side of the bay, the only noise that could be heard on the walk back over the cliff was the faint ticking of fishing boats returning from the open water, and the chirping of the crickets in the reeds. Upon reaching the top of the hill and making our way back down to Taganga and our Hostel, the familiar tones of banging trance and Latin American pop could be heard once more, and were awaiting our return!

That evening, we found what was to become our favourite place in Taganga, called the Bonsai café. This was a great little place just off the main street where the owners cooked a fantastic BBQ every day except Sunday, and sold proper Colombian coffee (you can’t get this many places in Colombia believe it or not!) as well as playing some really great relaxing music from their IPod. For anyone off to Taganga that fancies a quite night away from the chaos of the bars and clubs of Taganga, (or are just old and boring like us) this is the place you want to be heading to.

Well, after a great break up the coast it was finally time to head back to Cartagena, and get our brains working again as we had 2 weeks of necessary Spanish school to complete.

No doubt by the next blog, we will both be fluent!

Adios chicos…

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