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South America » Colombia » Sucre » Golfo de Morrosquillo December 14th 2016

Sincelejo is a nice city. It's the capital of Department of Sucre, and it's located at north of Colombia. Also, it's famous for "Las fiestas del 20 de enero", where its inhabitants celebrate bullfightings. My wife and me visited it in December 2016. We toured the city at night. We were in the Plaza de Majagual, where cultural events are held and where the people of the region meet to share with family and friends. We also met the Central Park, where is the Cathedral, which is the largest and oldest church in the city.... read more
Central Church
Majagual Square

South America » Colombia » Sucre January 8th 2015

It was another early morning to catch a bus. We were advised by the guesthouse we had booked in Tolu to catch the first bus, since it's high season and it might get crowded during the day. We got up at 5:30am and quietly left hostel. We were surprised to see many people sleeping in the common area on mattresses. We didn't even hear them come in. A taxi came to get us and took us through the30 minute ride to bus terminal way on outskirts of Cartagena. We bought our bus tickets to Tolu and then ate some breakfast Buñuelos, as has now become tradition. Then we boarded our nice air conditioned bus for a three and a half hour ride west of Cartagena. Some of the scenery looked like safari country. We we got ... read more
Our Bicycle Taxi
Starting Our Boat Ride Through the Mangroves
Sea of Sombreros

South America » Colombia » Sucre August 4th 2013

After Cartagena we decided to head West; this meant opting out of visiting the popular spots of Santa Marta and the Tyrona national park, but we were in search of something tranquil and cheap and after some internet searching and a few golden bits of advice, we decided to go to Tolu. Tolu is a little town on the coast with stretches of beaches to Covenas and other villages that are popular with Colombian tourists, but werent even mentioned in our guide books...we found ourselves wondering why because the area has so much to offer. We found a lovely place to stay in Tolu, at Villa Babilla, with a balcony, hammocks on the roof and a big outdoor kitchen. So weve spent many days cycling to the nearby beaches and eating icecreams. The town feels Colombian ... read more
Mucuru beaches
Head stands all round
More mud...

South America » Colombia » Sucre » Golfo de Morrosquillo February 13th 2013

Een moeilijke keuze : Carnaval of de Golf? Tussen Santa Marta en Cartagena, hebben we even halte gehouden in Barranquilla. Terwijl we door de straten reden konden we de voorbereidingen zien van de 2de grootste carnaval van Zuid-Amerika (zie url= enkele sfeerfoto's op het web). De koorts was duidelijk aan 't stijgen, en de ritmische muziek werd uitgeschreeuwd door megaboxen door de hele stad. De verleiding was dan ook groot om dit in onze trip in te plannen, ware het niet dat je in deze periode je accommodatie voor de volle 4 dagen minimum moet boeken – tegen torenhoge prijzen – en dit maanden op voorhand dient te regelen. Ingrid mag dan wel Aa... read more
Colombia 2013-844

South America » Colombia » Sucre December 30th 2011

Geo: 9.79838, -75.8462Islas San Bernardo, our whole reason for coming to Tolu - it wasn't even on the radar at first but during planning of the trip, we read that Cartagena's nearby Islas del Rosario weren't all that great, that San Bernardo was far superior. So the itinerary was rewritten to include San Bernardo, even though it was a bit of a detour, meaning that some additional stops on the Caribbean would have to be skipped. This is the problem of traveling in a place like Colombia where travel is slow going due to underdeveloped infrastructure, as something always needs to be sacrificed. But it's also the best thing about this place - there is such a wealth of things to do and so many beautiful places to explore ... it's a nice problem to have, ... read more
Isla Palma ...
Pristine Waters of the Caribbean
Beautiful Little Beach on Isla Palma ...

South America » Colombia » Sucre December 29th 2011

Geo: 9.52392, -75.5814No time to see Cartagena today, as we were off to Tolu, the best jumping off point to visit the Islas San Bernardo - no matter, as we will be back here in a few days to celebrate New Year's Eve. We probably wouldn't have even stayed here last night had we found a cheap flight arriving during the daytime, but arriving at midnight meant having to spend the night here before taking the three-hour bus ride to Tolu. First impressions - Tolu is a cute little town, bustling with Colombian tourists and is surprisingly vibrant for a town its size. The prevalence of discos in town is unexpected but again, it's catering to the visitors that often take over the town. The beaches here are nothing to get too excited about, as they ... read more
Cute Cartagena Streets
The GCB Breakfast at GCB Cafe ...
Fresh As Can Be ...

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