Tayrona Park guided by local veterans

Published: August 2nd 2016
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Flight to Santa Marta from PerúFlight to Santa Marta from PerúFlight to Santa Marta from Perú

Colombia, Perú, flight, sunset
Tayrona Park guided by local veterans

The pilot had said that the flight would take two hours and a half to land into Bogota, I saw my watch and it was eleven twenty am and I observed through the windows some snow mountains belonging to the central mountain range of Peru appeared, probably they would be Huascaran and the black and white eastern mountain ranges of the Andes, they were heading north east taking the route of Iquitos.

Soon the jungle appeared and he could see many brown meanders rivers, but all of a sudden a big river —that must be the amazon river—in some more minutes I would arrive at Bogota to take a cosmetic flight to Santa Marta.

Near the sunset I arrived there and drive van about 30 minutes to downtown.

The first day, I left my hotel and head toward the Custom house that was two blocks from my hotel, the museum of gold was working there and he was anxious to see the last spot where Bolivar one of the liberators of South America had been seen during his wake. On the first floor of the museum many fine tiny pieces in
Cabo San juan del GuíaCabo San juan del GuíaCabo San juan del Guía

Beach, granite rocks, intrusive stones, Cabo San Juan
gold were displayed they belonged to the Tayrona society as well as the Koguis and Wiwas. Small figurines of gold and copper representing anthropomorphic and zoomorphic ideas were very interesting like in pre-columbian societies of Peru, many of them were birds, felines and reptiles.

The next day the local tour guide had ringed the doorway and the receptionist called me who I was waiting in the small hall, I was very anxious, it would be his first guided tour ever in Colombia, he went out and join Alexis Gomez who turned out to be a military veteran of the war against the famous Pablo Escobar, he was about his 50’s with short and white hair and was licensed to guide in such a region and I asked where they would join the rest of the people and the guide answered that there were no more people to join and that I would be the only one tourist, he started to walk quickly and I followed him toward the historical downtown of Santa Marta, the east through the calle 14 then they crossed the avenue of ferrocarril (railroad) and entered into the area of the market, there was a lot
Cabo San Juan del GuíaCabo San Juan del GuíaCabo San Juan del Guía

Cabo, San Juan del Guía, arriving at Tayrona Park
street vendors selling different type of fishes and they stop in a corner at the public bus stop, he offered me a very small glass of coffee that was mixed with Sinnamon, it was delicious, and as Alexis gave him an introduction of the earlier societies of the fertile valley of Santa Marta, and the eloquent Alexis continued talking about the system and above all the ancient trails that were used for such societies of the past, and I interrupted adding that it had occurred in the societies of Peru, sacred trails related to sacred spots for rituals, following astronomical directions everything related, until they had lost the city and everything became jungly and in a hour and a half following the north east direction they got the village of Calabazo, that would be the starting point to the Tayrona Park.


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