Ok. Paradise. We Found It.

Published: April 5th 2015
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Outside of the entrance to Tayrona, we set to work trying to figure out how to get to our fancy hotel that we had booked in Barlovento. We new it was close, but we didn't have a good map. There were some taxi drivers that wanted to charge us an exorbitant 40,000 pesos, so I phoned the hotel and asked them the best way. They said it was just as easy as catching any bus heading east and telling them you were going to Barlovento, and the drivers all new it.

And it was just that easy. After getting off the bus, it was a short 10 minute walk down a quiet lane to the hotel known as Barlovento.

Lonely planet describes this as the “single most beautiful place to hang your hat in the area – perhaps all of Colombia.” I've learned to temper my expectations based on Lonely Planet advice which can overestate or understate things, but we had decided to book it anyway and just take the chance that it would be a good opportunity to spoil ourselves for just one night.

Well, we were pretty blown away. We walked up to the beautiful open air thatched roof hotel perched on the cliff face over the ocean. We were shown to our beautiful room on the top level. Actually, each of the four rooms is on it's own level, thanks to the split level architecture, adding to the privacy. We got the top one. The penthouse! (Same as the others, but still...)

We could watch and listen to the waves crashing rhythmically into the rocks below our open air cabana from the comfort of our mosquito net enclosed bed. It was pretty amazing. And if you got tired of being in your room, there were a couple of hammocks on the lower level you could sit and read a book in, or do nothing but listen to the waves.

There's a second building that's a part of the hotel with more rooms, but it's not on the ocean. So if you go, make sure you're staying in the one on the ocean! It's worth it!

Vanessa had a shower, and I watched a surfer waiting for his wave. Then it was my turn to shower, and I did my last hand washing of the trip! Hooray!

We set out to explore the property on the glorious afternoon. We walked down to the beach and were completely alone. The riptide was is too strong for swimming at this beach, but the rocky cliffs and sandy beach make a nice secluded place just to take in life.

But perhaps even more impressive than the sea view was the mountain view behind the hotel. Looking out over a lake, we watched the sunset over the mountains, and took 2 billion pictures. A two meter long caiman would appear periodically swimming along the surface looking for his next meal. So the lake is not a good place to go for a swim, but the deck chairs over looking the lake, the mountains, and the sunset were the perfect place to pass the time until dinner.

Dinner and breakfast are included, and that night they were serving fish, which was perfect. All the guests shared a table, and we had dinner together. Well, a bit more than dinner because we stayed around chatting well into the the night while we enjoyed beverages from the self service bar. One couple was from Seattle, and they had travelled all over central America over the last few
The SeasideThe SeasideThe Seaside

This is the view from our room. Yes. I know.
years, and were on a trip around Colombia. The other couple was from Denmark. The conversation flowed easy, and it was midnight before we knew it.

That night we slept to the sound of the waves rhythmically crashing against the rocks a hundred feet below us. It was one of the most wonderful sleeps I've ever had.

Vanessa and I set an alarm for 6am. We hoped we'd be able to catch the sunrise in this beautiful setting. And since we had to pay high season prices, we didn't want to waste a single minute of our time!

We awoke in our Barlovento paradise with the sea continuing to crash beneath us. That's some soundtrack for sleep, and we both slept like babies. But we didn't let ourselves sleep in, since we'd only be there a little while longer, so we had to enjoy it. Unfortunately, it was cloudy or maybe just hazy, so we missed out on the sunrise. Nevertheless, we got up and enjoyed being (awake) in such a wonderful and beautiful place.

Breakfast was served, and we filled our bodies with fresh fruit. Like the night before, we shared the table with the couple from Seattle and the couple from Denmark. We said goodbye when our taxi arrived and grabbed our bags and headed to the Santa Marta airport.

Definitely, we were sad to leave. We probably could have spent the rest of our lives at Barlovento. If we only the had the money...

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Cool ArchitectureCool Architecture
Cool Architecture

Our room was the one at the top middle.
The BeachThe Beach
The Beach

You have to cross a river filled with crocodiles to get to it though. That's no joke.
If We Look Happy...If We Look Happy...
If We Look Happy...

... it's because how could we not be.

11th April 2015
Yup. There it is.

Gorgeous, soft light. Congratulation on winning Photo of the Week.

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