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South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara August 19th 2013

san gil y barichara... read more
san gil
san gil

South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara December 22nd 2010

I hopped on the bus from Santa Marta and expected to be in Barichara within 8 hours…however, due to the rain, road repairs and mudslides I didn’t arrive until TWENTY-TWO HOURS later!!! That is a very long time to sit in a bus, but my 11 year-old seat mate, Zharidth, helped me pass the time. Her desire to learn English led us to not only cover basic conversation and simple vocab but we also had a grammar lesson around 9 am! I can only hope my kids back in Ecuador develop this same drive and determination. In Barichara I met up with Jeremy, one of the guys from the jungle house. We had traveled together before and I expected nothing more than a week of laughs and the proper mix of relaxation and adventure. We strolled ... read more
Fossils in Guane
Villa de Leyva

South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara April 27th 2010

English version below. Le lien vers les videos est en dessous du text. Videos link at the bottom of the text. Apres le trek de la ciudad perdida plus le parc tayrona, la fatigue etait la. Alors c'etait plutot tranquille a San gil bien qu'il y avait plein de choses a voir. On a tout meme fait le parapente (le reste en image) et visiter Barichara petit village typique. Sinon il y avait aussi belle cascade a voir, du rafting a faire (mais il pleuvait trop) ainsi que le Cocuy a decouvrir. chaine de montagnes aux alentours. Ce sera peut etre pour une autre fois... After the ciudad perdida we headed to the inland city of San Gill where we stayed four nights. We relaxed here in our great hostel. San Gill is a quiet ... read more
Sur la route vers San Gil
Pizza maison faite par Julie Jesse et Karen ! Miam
Motard - Biker

South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara February 24th 2010

San Gil (pronounced "Hill") is aptly named. It's built into a valley and it has hills that would make a Darwenian blush - I genuinely thought that the cab was going to roll over as it rounded the bend to take me to my hostel. My hostel is The Macondo Hostel and it sits at the top of the steepest hill ever, about 2 blocks north (I think) of the main park / square. San Gil is renouned for its adventure sports and the people who are here are, unsurprisingly, kinda sporty. That said, the vibe in the hostel is good and, as with the Cranky Croc, very welcoming and friendly. I opted for a privte room with private bathroom and, as I think that I mentioned in the last posting, the private rooms are in ... read more
Parque Principal, Barichara
Temple Immaculade
Temple Immaculade (again)

South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara September 3rd 2009

Dan and I found that we only had limited time to spend in Colombia and after staying in Cartagena for a few days we only had time to visit one other location in the country, as the buses take a long time to travel through the mountainous regions south of Cartagena. We chose to stay in San Gil, where we were hoping to go rafting or horse riding, as well as to use as a base to visit Barichara and Guane, two small colonial style towns that have white washed buildings and cobbled roads. To our surprise the bus to Barichara was a nice new coaster van and not a chicken bus, but then we hadn't seen many chicken buses in this part of Colombia. We walked around the main square of Barichara, when we first ... read more

South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara May 30th 2009

San Gil Columbia was one of the most scenic and traditional towns we´ve been to. This area is widely known for the outdoor activities including white water rafting, cave swimming tours, hiking and $10 bungee jumping!! Haha!! After our 5+ hr bus trip from Bogota we were wonderfully welcomed by Shaun at Macondo Hostel. No wonder Lonely Planet tells travelers to see him!! The hostel was comfortable with incredibly friendly staff and with the perfect cat mascot!! The cat took care of all bugs who dared to venture into the courtyard. Also worth mentioning is the Awesome breakfast we had across the street at Santander Aleman Hostel!! A major highlight for us was Pozo Azul, a free swimming hole with wonderful waterfalls. We were there on a Sunday where so many locals were hanging out with ... read more
Yep,  real road sign
Jam packed bus to Cabrera
The crew

South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara March 8th 2009

Day 708 (07.03.09) We were planning a monster day of walking and more adventure stuff, but soon realised that we just wouldn't be able to fit it all in - there's just way too much to do around here for our limited time! We eventually opted for a day out in a local town and a walk around the local area with the mates we'd met at the hostel. Starting off with a fruit feast from the local market for brekkie we found a minibus destined for Barichara and our first stop on our day out. After wandering around the stunning colonial town we stopped off for another amazing set lunch at a local restaurant (3 courses for 1 pound 50) before setting off on the hour and a half walk down the hill to another ... read more
Barichara walk
Barichara walk
Barichara walk

South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara September 16th 2008

Hi All, We just returned to Bogota after one of our most memorable weeks, travelling through various cities within Colombia. It’s difficult to know where exactly to begin with this entry; the experiences we shared with other travelers this past week were complex and beautiful. We met up with a few couples from England and Australia, and a few solo travelers from California, South Africa, Spain and Israel. Our week began embarking on yet another bus from Bogota to the city of Tunja. Tunja is riddled with gorgeous 16th century churches and museums depicting Tunja’s history. We visited a few of the churches and took a tour of the Founders house which still exists. The founder is the only founder in Colombia who after conquering Tunja chose to reside there instead of returning to Spain. All ... read more
Main Plaza in Tunja
Founder of Tunja
Entrance to our little Hotel

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