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South America » Colombia » San Andres September 2nd 2016

San ANdres island San Andres Island snorkeling trip with local Colombians Stingray 8 22 16 snorkeling at west view, san andres 8 20 2016 Walking from San Andres Island to Rocky island in 23' round trip Johnny Island Beach: The happiest Beach on Earth 8-19-2016 Cartagena, San Andres Toi dap xuong Cartagena luc 12;30AM khuya ngay 8-19-2106. Toi khong co dat khach san truoc vi toi nghia rang di vao ban dem khuya nhu vay toi se ngu bat cu noi nao gan phi truong nhat . Mac dau the toi da research truoc va dinh o khach san ma toi biet gan phi truoc nhat theo inte... read more

South America » Colombia » San Andres July 9th 2014

I had always planned to end my travels with some quality beach time. A chance, I thought, to relax and reflect on the last few months, or, if the latter proved too arduous, at least to drink beer and, in between football matches, sit in the sun. I also thought it would be nice to keep the gang together for as long as possible. As we travelled west through northern Colombia it felt as though our travels were leading to an inevitable conclusion on the beaches of San Andres and Providencia. San Andres and Providencia are Carribean islands about 800 kilometres north of Cartagena, due east of Nicaragua, whose claim for jurisdiction was recently dismissed by the UN in favour of Colombia's earlier claim and many years of administration. My mind´s eye pictured a stereotypical Carribean ... read more
San Andres - the search for tranquility continues
San Andres - view out to Rocky Caye
San Andres - Swimming with stingrays

South America » Colombia » San Andres August 22nd 2013

Since leaving Cali, Erika and I had been looking forward hugely to meeting up again and we were able to engineer the best part of 3 weeks travelling together through some of the northern parts of Colombia that Erika had never been to. However, our first stop was a bit further afield with a trip to San Andres, a Colombian owned island in the Caribbean close to the coast of Nicaragua. Erika had arranged our accommodation, and wow what a place it was. On the top floor of a 5 story building, with us having one of the two rooms in the guesthouse with ocean views!! Incredible! Our ocean views were of the atoll of Johnny Cay, and we visited this and another tiny island named Acuario on what must have been the world’s slowest launch! ... read more
Acuario - beautiful sandy Caye just off San Andres
Erika and I snorkelling together in San Andres
“long, thin, ugly, angry fish”

South America » Colombia » San Andres » Melgar March 9th 2013

Without doubt one of the best experiences of my life has been traveling to San Andres Island, one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Colombia, and more exactly enjoying of its precious beaches and visiting La Piscinita, a fascinating place full of nature and colors. From the moment I was arriving to the island I could see what people mean when they say that there is the seven colors’ sea. Wonderful beaches of white sand and shining water were at my complete disposal for enjoying there. In addition of that, I could find too many different typical beverages, the most of them made of coconut, and delicious seafood. There was very common to find out recipes with exotic ingredients like chontaduro and yutepan in each restaurant I went to. For me, a soccer ... read more

South America » Colombia » San Andres » Melgar February 16th 2013

Have you ever had a dream where you pooped your pants that was so real that you woke up and checked your pants? Me neither. I was told we are true barranquilleros now that we leave during Carnival rather than stay and enjoy the festivities.* We jaunted off to San Andres, a Colombian island that is between Costa Rica and Jamaica (see map). Barranquilla being Barranquilla, the airport was madness when we left. In order to get everyone in the Carnival mood they had a free all you can drink party at our boarding gate with dance troupes and bands. Now I’m no TSA agent, but that just makes sense. We went and spent the night in an awesome fishing lodge in Medellin before flying to San Andres in the morning. We flew this new discount ... read more
Please Don't Molest Me
Johnny Cay
Map of San Andres

South America » Colombia » San Andres September 15th 2012

6 Septiembre This morning we caught a cab to the Cartagena airport, to fly to the Colombian Island of San Andres, located in the Caribbean. The island is 12.5 km (7.8 mi) in length and 3 km (1.9 mi) in width.San Andres is a coral island, "Geographically near Nicaragua, past historically tied to England, and politically part of Colombia". This means that most people here speak a confusing and endearing combination of spanish and english, in a strong "island" tone. It is even hotter and more humid here than it was in Cartagena. The east side of the island, facing the Caribbean, has long stretches of white beaches, while the west side, more sheltered by nearby Nicaragua, had a coast consisting of dead coral. San Andres island was supposedly Captain Morgan's base of operations, back in ... read more
Blue Lizard
Our beach

South America » Colombia » San Andres March 15th 2011

Janualy 17th - 30th (Slovenian version below) After exactly one hundred days of exploring South American continent we are safe and sound back home in cold Slovenia. Eventually all the fuss calmed down and we found some time to wrap up our spectacular adventure. So after a brief visit to Cartagena, we could hardly wait to board the plane and off we were towards Colombian paradise island, San Andres. After an hour, the ground switched completely… it was still Colombia but hardly recognizable! English instead of Spanish, reggae music echoes from every corner and oldtimers and scooters are rushing down narrow streets. The most notable are tourists with golf-carts driving madly across the island. Because of super high season the island was full of Colombian tourists (who are even worse than the Germans…explanation follows) so we ... read more
100 days of pure adventure!!!
Coral view beach
Diving in San Andres

South America » Colombia » San Andres December 27th 2010

It is Christmas day and I realized it is the first one in all my years I have spent away from my family. I managed to make all my Christmas phone calls and speak to the majority of the lot, Mom, Dad, brother, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma and cousins... I could feel the holiday love from across the miles (Mom and Dad had even saved me a stocking for my return!). Those who are far away somehow feel a little it further during the holiday season and there are some particular individuals that feel millions of miles away I am missing this season. Despite the lack of familiar things, faces, and the ski hills of home Colombia has been a wonderful place for the holidays. Colombians tend to make Christmas eve their big event and music, dancing ... read more
Popayan lights
Ali with lights

South America » Colombia » San Andres » Melgar October 20th 2010

Island San Andres is a pearl of the Carribean sea. It belongs to Colombia, but is located in front of Nicaragua. Long time ago this island and nearby islands were a base of the pirates. In our times, some years ago, this island also had bad reputation, because of the Colombian drug dealers. They lived here in their big houses and used to laundry money. But right now Colombia has a strong police control against drug dealers headed by the president of the country. You will meet a lot of policemen on each corner of the island, so now it looks a very safety place. All people who live on this island, kids and grown-ups, men and women, boys and girls, love motocycles. Everybody there has a motocycle, and especially in the evening they like ... read more

South America » Colombia » San Andres February 25th 2010

San Andres is truly the most beautiful island in the Carribbean I have ever been to and the scuba diving is out of this world. I also recommend the tiny island of Johnny Cay and the fresh fish and coconut rice they can whip up for lunch. ... read more
party boat!
beautiful beaches
view from plane

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