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September 15th 2015
Published: September 18th 2015
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Colombia hadn’t been high on my list of holiday destinations, mostly due to my ignorance about the country and a once well-deserved reputation for it being rather a dangerous place to visit. However, when informed by good friend Bear (Cath) last summer that she and her Colombian fiancé, Hector, were planning a wedding in Bogota, as you can imagine it jumped straight to the top. For those of us... Read Full Entry

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Rough timesRough times
Rough times

Reminds me a bit of the skin of The Thing from the Fantastic Four
Mini mountainsMini mountains
Mini mountains

It felt like you were walking through a model of the Grand Canyon
Prickly perchesPrickly perches
Prickly perches

The spikes didn't seem to deter the many birds from enjoying a rest, ouch!
Don't get lostDon't get lost
Don't get lost

The labyrinthine gullys of the desert
Hola Rio Magdelana!Hola Rio Magdelana!
Hola Rio Magdelana!

The Represa Betania dam causes the widening of the Rio Magdelena in the Huila region.
Keep your eyes closed...Keep your eyes closed...
Keep your eyes closed...

Scary roads indeed

They actually named the town Gigante after the fact that this tree in the square is so 'gigante', well it is very logical at least.
Wow, what a waterfallWow, what a waterfall
Wow, what a waterfall

They do waterfalls well in Colombia
The square in San AgustinThe square in San Agustin
The square in San Agustin

If you ever happen to be there, try the lemonade with aniseed, yummy.
Hotel Yuma in San AgustinHotel Yuma in San Agustin
Hotel Yuma in San Agustin

If you have ever been to Nairobi, it's a bit like that, but then it is about the same latitude and altitude, so not that surprising really.
Playing PokerPlaying Poker
Playing Poker

Enjoying the local Poker beer on the verandah.
A little pick me up in the morningA little pick me up in the morning
A little pick me up in the morning

Coca tea for breakfast, cures all known ills apprently...
Resting place of the Colombian MassifResting place of the Colombian Massif
Resting place of the Colombian Massif

San Agustin archeological park in the southwestern Colombian Andes, the largest complex of pre-Colombian megalithic funerary monuments (what would I do without the UNESCO website!).
It's not a worm..It's not a worm..
It's not a worm..

It's a snake! The eagle grasping a snake, looks rather cute I thought!
One of the many graves on the siteOne of the many graves on the site
One of the many graves on the site

I was hoping Indiana Jones was going to be there, what do you mean he's not real???
San Agustin 101San Agustin 101
San Agustin 101

Check out the small arms, no necks, jaguar mouth and, err, there is another characteristic thing but I can't remember...
Fuente de LavapatasFuente de Lavapatas
Fuente de Lavapatas

A religious monument carved in the river bed, the photo doesn't really do it justice, it was pretty cool.
Coffee beansCoffee beans
Coffee beans

Yep, coffee country alright, I believe they could grow many other things in this area too... yep, I'm talking about sugar cane.

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