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South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento November 22nd 2013

During the trip so far, we have spent 342,97 euros on coffee, and the figure is rapidly going up. So, it suited us well to visit the source of significant share of the world’s coffee: Zona Cafetera in Colombia. To reach the region, we gave up our principle for Colombia to avoid night buses due to their assumed dangers. Dangerous or not, at least in this case everything felt secure, and at dawn the bus had reached the gorgeous lush green mountain scenery of Zona Cafetera. Our final destination was probably the cutest little town of the trip so far, Salento. At least one of us didn’t get much sleep on the night bus, but it was nevertheless impossible to feel lame for long after seeing the sweet colorful houses lining the streets of Salento, and ... read more
walking to the coffee farm

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento September 19th 2013

We arrived in Salento late at night following two flights (Cartagena – Bogota, Bogota – Armenia) and a very very fast taxi ride without seatbelts. Salento is a small town of about 4000 people in the coffee growing area of Colombia. Most of the buildings in the town, including our hotel (Ciudad de Segorbe), are built in the traditional paisa style giving it a really quaint look. The town is surrounded by rolling hills and gorgeous scenery which makes it a lovely place to spend a few days. On the first morning we headed down for breakfast before chatting with one of the lovely guys from our hotel about what we were planning to do while in Salento and getting his recommendations…all in Spanish. The only part of the conversation I didn’t understand, even with his ... read more
Looking towards the main plaza in Salento
Church in the main plaza
Cute puppy in the Plaza

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento May 26th 2013

After a crazy bus drive through the mountains we arrived safely in Salento, home of the coffee region.... read more

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento January 25th 2013

The Colombian chapter of our South American adventure got off to a very slow start. Slow is an understatement, we didn't move for 2 whole hours at the border. There as no explanation forthcoming but the queue for immigration didn't move an inch. It turns out the staff we taking it in turns to work, rather than all working at once. Crazy. We been on the road from northern Ecuador since 8am, and didn't make it in to Colombia until gone was less than 150km to travel. To compound the misery once across the border there were no buses travelling to our preferred desitination (Popayan), well none that would arrive at a feasible time and we had to change plans and head to Cali, arriving at 6am. This probably ranks as the worst journey for ... read more
Coffee Valley
Humming Bird

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento January 14th 2013

from Popayan to Salento and the Cocora Valley It only had taken around 4h to get to Popayan from San Agustin but when we finished we felt it was not enough. The views on the way simply astounded us as we could not stop looking through the window of our small bus. The valley, the waterfalls and lush green jungle was what we exactly imagined about Colombia. We could not stop wondering where all the drug plantations and factories were as this place seemed ideal for that purpuse. We made our way straight to the highly recommended TrailHostel and got a double room as a treat. It was said so many times that sex comes pricey when traveling on a budget hahaha and it is true. We made our way to the centre to find some ... read more
stunning sunset over Popayan
humming bird
wax palm trees

South America » Colombia » Quindío September 10th 2012

I want to invite you all to know the coffee, in Quindio, Colombia. It's spectacular, besides that everything revolves around nature and coffee. It is best to stay in country hotels are very nice alluding to the region. What a delight to be in contact with butterflies in the Butterfly of Quindio and coffee plantations and banana. It was wonderful to be a coffee picker and truly understand the culture of coffee in Recuca and National Park Coffee ... On this trip I had last year discovered that coffee is traditionally home we leave the "trash" of coffee, since the rest goes for export, is really rich to enjoy a 100% pure coffee, super rich climate is rather cold but very rich. The national ... read more
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South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento September 7th 2012

Pereira was another big city with not much to offer for tourists apart from te fact that it's situated in the centre of the coffee region. So on our secod day we made a one day trip to manizales where we did a coffee tour, learning about origins of coffee, Colombian plantations, the distinguishing of good and bad coffee and different flavours and the process from planting the coffee seeto over harvesting it, washing, drying and we even roasted our own coffee. Besides that we walked around Manizales where we ordered lunch without knowing what it was. We relaxed in pereira and ate the best empanadas from the street vendors. After three days we headed towards salento, a beautiful 7,000 people town, situated among the hills. On the first day we discovered the best dish "trucha" ... read more
Tati and our empanadas

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento August 29th 2012

Second part of my Colombian experience, and discovering a bit further everyday just how different Spanish is here! To some extend reminds me of China where one word can mean just so many different things and in Colombia it is no different! Ask for a “Perico” and chances are that you end up with everything but a coffee…as it means as well cocaine, parrots and scramble eggs! Talking about coffee, Colombia is simply THE place to go for to get a proper “Tinto”, “Cafecito”, “Perico” (that one has milk in) or “Oscuro”, a real coffee culture where the coffee is simply so tasty and soft that you simply don’t need to add anything in it! (and I am normally someone who cannot drink coffee without sugar…) Now, when it comes to coffee and if you are ... read more
Layers of green
Horseback riding time !

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento August 28th 2012

Als mein Kleinbus wie ein Kamel die einsame Straße nach Salento hinauf schwankt frage ich mich, ob ich schon für das nächste Paradies bereit bin. Mitten im Kaffeedreieck, umgeben von Nationalparks mit weiten Tälern voller Kaffeebäumen liegt das verschlafene Dorf, dass selbst vom lokalen Tourismus noch recht verschont geblieben ist. Meine Hacienda liegt direkt hinter dem Ortseingang. Neben etwa 20 Hunden begrüßt mich eine Bulldogen-Ameise (die hier) auf meinem Kopfkissen. Es riecht nach exotischen Pflanzen und Regenwald. Ich hole mir erstmal einen Kaffee. Nach der ersten Tour durchs Dorf hat sich mein Zimmer gefüllt. Die Belegschaft: Sophie aus England, Mitte 30 und Freelancerin, Callan, ebenfalls England, hat irgendwann mal irgendwas Soziales studiert, jetzt von Beruf Backpacker. Ein hinkender Hund findet sofort gefalle... read more
Sleeping with style
Breakfast time
Chillout at the coffee farm

South America » Colombia » Quindío August 18th 2012

Schon im Bus ist mir komisch zumute, nur weiß ich nicht ob es die Nachtfahrt in Serpentinen ist oder etwas anderes. Als wir in Salento ankommen ist dann klar das ich wohl was falsches gegessen habe. Zwei Tage liege ich flach und werde schön gepflegt. Zum Glück befinden wir uns in einem wirklich ruhigen und idyllischen Örtchen in der Zona Cafeteria in Kolumbien. Die Luft ist rein und man hört keinen Straßenlärm und das Hostel ist super (The Plantation House). Am dritten Tag ist es als wenn nie was gewesen wäre also fahren wir in den Cafepark. Dort erwartet uns ein Themenpark mit Bespaßung für die ganze Familie von Wasserrustche bis Karusell ist alles dabei was uns nicht begeistert, aber zuletzt finden wir doch noch den einsamen Pfad des Kaffees mit verschiedenen Kaffeepflanzen und Maschinen, die ... read more
Valle de Cocora

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