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March 2nd 2016
Published: March 30th 2016
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Last night was quite the party scene here in Salento. The Colombian National Futbol club were playing their Mexican counterparts. There were a lot of drunken vaqueros riding about the main square and getting absolutely hammered on aguardiente which is a Colombian traditional liquor. Tastes like black licorice. I saw many a drunken cowboy fall off his horse and there were lots of broken bottles everywhere. It was a great scene though as the local bar put a 42" LCD on display outside so everyone could watch the game. The Colombian team won 2-0 and the vibe was great. Everyone was having a good time, no problems at all.

So after all of this inspiration I decided to rent myself a horse. Now I've never been on a horse before and this was no novice trail I was to embark on. I traversed over mountainsides, waded through rivers, and wandered through some of the most pristine valleys containing dairy farms and crop fields. My guide was Raphael who did not speak any English, but we did the best we could. We ended up in the forest at Santa Rita Waterfall. It was a really nice place to get a rest from the ride.

After playing cowboy I met up with Tom and Kasha a Britsh couple who have been in South America for 5 months. I was glad to have their company and also glad to pick their brains about some of the places they have been and I am going to. We decided to hike to a coffee plantation outside of town. Now I'm not a coffee drinker, nor am I that interested in how it is grown, but I figured that I could not be in the world's most famous coffee producing region without checking it out. A couple of facts I found interesting were that it takes 5 years from seed to full grown plant capable of producing coffee. Coffee also does not come from "beans". They are actually seeds. 10kg of seeds produces 1kg of coffee.

My first cup of real Colombian coffee

Once again I was planning to depart tomorrow for Medellin, but I just can't bring myself to leave Salento yet, and the beautiful thing is that I do not need to go anywhere. I have time. Why rush it if I do not need to? Maybe just one more day.

I never get sick of these views - except for that German guy that ruined my photo.

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