Photos from Medellin, Colombia, South America

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Painted facade of a cobbler's
A typical street, Guatapé
Painted facades, Guatapé
Guatapé shore
'Menu executivo' in Guatapé
La Piedra de Peñol
View from beginning of climb up La Piedra del Peñol
View from 'La Piedra del Peñol
Butterfly enclosure, Parque Arvi
Exhibit from the modern art collection of the Museo de Antioquia
Drugs baron, Pablo Escobar shot by police as he makes his esc
Another Botero!
Palacio Municipal /Museo de Antioquia
Plazoleta de las Esculturas, Medellín
View of Medellín slums from the Metrocable
Artificial lake, Parque Arvi
Crysallis, Butterfly enclosure
Metrocable, Medellín
Botanic gardens, Medellín
Moitor lizard, Botanic Gardens, Medellín
Locals enjoying a Sunday outing to the Botanic Gardens, Medellín
Metro Station
Orchid Area at the Botanical Garden
Hologram Fountain
Fire-Breathing Popcorn Machine
Light Tunnel of Love?
Tasty Lights
Another Light Boat
Hot Dogs!
Light Bike (Not the Tron Kind)
Light Fish on the River
Light Castle
Los Alumbrados - Boat
Evening in Medellin
Crowds By the Statues
Hanging Out in the Square
Hover Hat
Sombrero Time
Playing Dressup
Inside the Museum
Square Out Front of the Museum
Outdoor Botero Statue
Have You Read My Book?
Getting a Quick Workout In
It's Pizza Time!
The View From the Cable Car
Unique Public Transit
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