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South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape March 13th 2014

Tuesday 11th March (Odyssey Day 123) We were having a very late start today, planning to leave at 1200 and have lunch on the road. So we had our eggs for breakfast before spending some time catching up on the internet and packing our bags. I have too much stuff at the moment, and really need to do a bit of a clean out of my luggage. No point in carrying things around that I won’t be using any more (or that are broken). I’ll make time for that at the next hotel. Kelly and Eamon decided to remain in Medellin for another week and meet up with us in Cali, while Joanna and Ann decided to spend one more day in Medellin and get a bus to Guatapé tomorrow to meet up with us there. ... read more
Travel Day
Travel Day
Guatapé Camp

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape August 20th 2013

Today is a bit of a sad day, not only is it our last day in Medellin, a city that we have grown a great affection for, but it is also our last day of travelling with our big Swiss mate, Luca... After five weeks, including plotting how to get out of Iquitos, sweating buckets on the Caribbean coast, and enjoying the lifestyle in the hills of Colombia, we are saying goodbye. We have travelled with a number of great people on our trip so far, but none for such a period of time and ease. The three of us met at a time in our travels when we were burnt out by months on the road, and tired of being gringo's and the associated baggage that comes with it. Along Mojo's and my travels, we ... read more
Luca, Mojo and I
Peñón de Guatapé

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape October 20th 2012

I slept most of the way on the plane from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, due to the lack of sleep that I had got in the Airport.... that goddamn floor polishing lady! The flight to Medellin was really nice, flying out over the Florida coast and across the Carribean, then crossing over Colombia on the Northern coast. The final part was the most spectacular however, flying amongst the mountains of Colombia. Looking down with good views of the smaller villages, the massive mountains and the insanely big rivers. This was when I started to get pretty excited. Even better was the two people that I got to sit next to. An amazingly friendly couple from Colombia originally that now worked in Florida, Hoorico and Sandra. We got talking on the plane and pretty soon they were ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape September 21st 2012

Cartagena, Colombia Ok I've given up on the idea of catching up with my blog since we were in Honduras so I'm skipping ahead to Colombia... Cartagena, a beautiful city on Colombia's Caribbean coast. Possibly the most picturesque city I've ever been to.After a somewhat blubbery farewell with John in Panama city I arrived here on a Saturday afternoon. Stayed in Hostel Mamallena. Wandered around that evening. Managed to find myself a Spanish school in the old city called centro catalina and started that Monday on an intensive beginners course. There were just four students including me! Very small school! Excellent though, glad I took the chance on them. They also organised a home stay for me so I moved to that house on Monday night. That week was the most holy awkward time I've ever ... read more
Mud Volcano!
Janine, Marc & Gia, Centro Catalina Spanish school!

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape August 22nd 2012

Nun gut: Auch im Paradies gibt es Menschen. Insbesondere Backpacker. Und gegen Schnarchen und die Herr der Ringe-DVD auf Kinolautstärke im Wohnzimmer kommen die Grillen dann auch nicht an. Irgendwann wird der Film jedoch von einem Gewitter übertönt – passend dazu gibt’s Blitze überm See und den Bergen. Der anschließende Stromausfall macht das Ganze dann noch ein Stück romantischer. Der nächste Morgen wird standesgemäß mit einem Bad im See bei eitel Sonnenschein begonnen. Wieder oben am Haus steht das Frühstück auf dem Balkon – inklusive frischem Mango-Ananas-Saft. Man wähnt sich am Set eines französischen Liebesfilms. So viel convenience ruft nach Kontrast: eine körperliche Grenzerfahrung muss her. Mit dem Mountainbike 70 km durchs Umland von Guatapé? Klingt nach einem wunderbaren Plan. Der Hostelmitarbeiter mustert mich denn auch kritisch als ich ihm von meine... read more
Bavarian Alps
View from El Penol

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape August 21st 2012

Knapp zwei Wochen hat es gedauert: Ich habe das Paradies gefunden. Es liegt ca. 2 Stunden östlich von Medellin; eine kurvige Straße quält sich über verschiedene Pässe, bis sich schließlich die letzte Abfahrt Richtung Guatapé auftut: Ein märchenhaftes Tal, darin ein riesiger, klarer See und ein fast kitschig pittoreskes Dorf. Das Hostel liegt 10 Minuten hinter dem Ort, Idylle Hilfsausdruck. Ein Balkon, direkt über dem See. Unter meiner Hängematte schläft ein kleiner Hund, auf meinen Beinen hat sich eine Katze zusammengerollt. Myriaden von Sternen über mir müssen sich ihrer Strahlkraft nicht schämen, zirpende Grillen und eine spiegelglatte Wasserfläche unter mir, in der sich der Mond schimmernd spiegelnd. Wie ausgelutscht es auch sein mag: Das hier ist atemberaubend. Und nicht nur, weil die Luft so klar und sauber ist, dass es schon fast in der Lunge weh ... read more
View from the balcony
The hostel: El Encuentro

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape February 10th 2012

Hola! We made it to Medellin, Colombia! It was a direct flight out of FLL to Medellin via Spirit Air. Customs was very easy and painless to get through. We stopped to exchange money for the cab ride to the hotel and were excited to learn that we were charged less than a $1 for the fees. Colombia uses the Colombian peso and currently we get approx 1800 pesos for $1 USD. The cab ride took us down the mountain into the city of Medellin. The views were beautiful and full of red brick buildings thoughout the city. The experience of riding in a cab was very scary and interesting. Dogs roamed freely and knew how to evade the vehicles. Motorcyclists swerved in and out of traffic and the cars were constantly watching their side view ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape August 28th 2011

"Delightfully tacky yet unrefined" Hooters' motto. Me and fourteen others stepped foot on a catamaran called Fritz the Cat, captained by an obese Austrian called Fritz the Cat whom got both the name of his boat and his nickname from the infamous animated film, the first of which to receive an X rating (or 'R' to those not from the UK). Fritz greeted us with lots of jokes about girls bunking up with boys and vice versa and generally struck me, initially at least, as a bit of a twat (most people do, you'll have noticed*). He gave us a very rudimentary safety talk and we set about bonding with one and other over the gargantuan amounts of booze we'd stocked up on, bearing in mind we were potentially staring at five days on a boat ... read more
The Infamous Blue Balls the Sea Dog Pirate attempted to board us till we shot him in the arse with a spear gun
Sunset around the San Blas Islands
A San Blas

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape July 27th 2011

It easy to get a bad name, but it is not so easy to get rid of it. Colombia has a bad name in the world, but it is absolutely fine. We travelled here more than a month and everywhere we meet friendly people. What a difference with Venezuela, where we came from. They should have a bad name. Santa Marta Santa Marta is a nice city to take a rest. And we need that. We made a loop from Colombia, via Venezuela to Trinidad, from there to Suriname and French Guyana and via Brazil and Venezuela back to Colombia. It made us a bit tired. Here in Santa Marta we can stroll a little along the Caribbean Sea, cook for ourselves in Hotel Familiar, go to the barber next door, drink a beer at one ... read more
Colonial houses in Cartagena
The Old Gate of Cartagena
A street in Cartagena

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape July 7th 2011

So I arrived and quickly went through customs around 7:30 last night. I have to say that the first thing I noticed at the airport was the women. They were, in general, ridiculously good looking and many obviously had surgical enhancements. I wouldn´t even mention this, but I feel like it would be a lie by omission if I didn´t admit that this was the first thing that caught my attention in Colombia. So anyway, I told myself to stop looking at fake boobs and get my gameface on because my Spanish is rusty to say the least and my first challenge was to get myself on a collectivo to the centro and then find way to a hostel in El Poblado (upscale safe district). Dude that drives the minivan tells me right away that my ... read more
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